Monday, November 1, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 7: Favorite Movies

By now, you know that I need organization or at least some narrowing down to get me to focus a little on the task at hand. As such, I couldn't just pick a couple of favorite movies. I had to have categories. Naturally, you may not think that my movies fit nicely into your personal categories, but whatever. You can blog about your own favorite movies. For now, the spotlight is on ME.

(Can you tell I'm an only child?)

(Can I also tell you that it was really hard for me to not make a holiday category? I snuck a couple of them in there, but had to reign myself in from going on into Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, winter, summer, many choices, so little blog space...)

Here's how I define "Action". There's got to be amazing visual effects, great cinematic score, and of course gun play. It also has to be something at the top of the list for most dudes. (Weird criteria? I know, but it's my category.)
I love me some Robert Downey, Jr.

Leo? Matt? Intrigue and Martin Scorcese? Wicked Awesome.

Does the top stop????
For comedy, I have to laugh to the point of almost tears, I have to quote it these cases over a decade later. You have to make me laugh even a decade later.

You're head's a thick candy shell.

What's that one in a million talk about?

You look so good with blonde hair and black roots it's not even funny.
Chick Flick
These are probably the last on most guys list to see. I would plan to see them on a lazy weekend afternoon or a girls night. Or if you're Mrs. E, I'd be with you and Mr. E. These are ones that make you feel good when you're done.
Edward melts my heart. Any incarnation of the books will do, too.

Who doesn't love a Rom Com with a sing-a-long?

Love actually is all around.
What? Like it was hard.

These are ones that make me cry every time. Every. Single. Time. We're talking ugly crying. You know, like how Farrah from Teen Mom looks when she starts to cry, but actually allowing yourself to cry. Because you know, every once in awhile it's healthy.
Rounding out the words to live by in my life

Everyone has a freak flag.

Nicholas Sparks really knows how to get to me.

So. Freaking. Good. Period.
(Big) Kids
I'm a sucker for animated movies. I'm a sucker for animated movies with adult sarcasm. Best of both worlds.
I geek out a little that they take science and make a human body a city.

Join the club, we've got jackets.

No matter what time of year, Jim Carrey makes me giggle.

I love reading books, the movies make my imagination go wild. (Side note: Look at how young Harry looks here!)

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  1. Just found your blog; it's ADORABLE. We love a LOT of the same movies!