Friday, March 19, 2010

Jason and Luke - My Two New Loves

Well, really, they are reaffirmed celebrity crushes.

Last night, I went to see Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean in concert. It was sooooooo amazing! I didn't know how many songs I really knew by both artists...I mean, I know their #1's, but I didn't know some of their older songs were theirs...if that makes sense.

Anyway, Luke and Jason are both really hot, but unfortunately for me, both are happily married. Damnit. Whatever. They're great eye candy. With cute butts.

I will say that I keep Luke's song "Rain is a Good Thing" in my head...

Rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey/Whiskey makes my baby feel a little frisky...

That'll put a smile on your face when they are forecasting 7-10" of heavy, wet snow. But, I guess that's Colorado for you...and our worst storms are typically in the spring. I am crossing my fingers that it's not to crazy for my birthday party tomorrow at Jump Street. Although, true to Colorado style, it's foretasted to be warmer and sunny tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Curiouser and Curiouser

Last night, I went to see Tim Burton's incarnation with Alice in Wonderland in 3D. It was a good movie. Very Time that it's kooky, gray skied, and had his wife Helena Bonham Carter in it. I like Johnny Depp's performance, but then again, I love Johnny Depp.

I learned something, though about 3D, or stereovision. I can't see it. That's right. I am part of the small percentage of the population that cannot see the 3D as it is intended. There's a whole opinion article about it here. So basically, I have stereo-blindness. I don't know if it would improve if I wore my glasses (slight prescription for astigmatism and distance, but I only wear them at work.) and the 3D glasses since I didn't have that stroke of brilliance until the credits were rolling. I figured this out when one of my friends started reaching for a mushroom and I didn't get it. For me, the screen looked farther away and had beveled sides inward that held some dimension...nothing seemed within arm's reach. Bonus to this is that I won't have my world rocked by Avatar in 3D, so I can see it in 2D and save some cash.