Thursday, January 28, 2010

Deep Thoughts

I'm on a roll with blogging, so here's another one.

I'm really glad there isn't a mic for my internal dialogue. First, I would be certifiable, people would need subtitles to understand my speak and train of thought. Or, maybe one of the headline stream things at the bottom of news networks. Anyway, here are some of my less scary thoughts of the day:

"Why does my nose run when I eat?"

"Whatever was in the microwave before my lunch smells better than my lunch sounds."

"Why am I facebooking and emailing at 6:00am? I should be up and going to the gym. I'm already dressed..."

"'Beef Chow Fun?' More like, 'Beef Chow I'm So Hungry I Would Gnaw My Arm Off For Sustenance.'"

"Why does everything smell like Lucky Charms?"

"Thank God my eggo isn't preggo."


"Thank God it's my Friday."

"I should probably wash my hair. Nah, I'll wait until after yoga."

"I hope I don't die in Danielle's yoga class. That? Would be embarrassing."

"Ugh." (x10)

"Oy." (x16)

"There REALLY needs to be a sarcasm font."

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Miss You ! Mean It!

OK, so I've been absent from the blogosphere for awhile, but for your enjoyment, I have three posts...two I back dated to the date that they happened so it all makes sense. I'll make sure to leave more tidbits as my last posts were from way back in the last decade.


Oh! Something Shiny!

It seems that I have a lot of short little postings in my head and that I am a little all over the place, so here's a mishmash of my thoughts on the day: (hold on tight, it's completely random.)

It's weird what you retain while half-awake. I turn on the weather channel when my alarm first goes off and hit the snooze a time or two (or three), but in that short, nine minute time frame, I fell back asleep (or so I thought) and heard that the State of the Union Address was on this evening. So, in my mind, I resided that today would be an after-work workout since there's no need to rush home. That, and everything worth watching I already DVR. (Speaking of which, I need to get caught up on Jersey Shore and Teen Mom - don't deny that you love it. Oh, and there's a whole new slew of preggo eggos on 16 & Pregnant - note to self - DVR that.) So, today, it's an after-work workout day.

Yesterday, we had an office-wide meeting. I got recognition from my boss' boss' boss. That recognition? Was because I have been on facebook for six years and I'm an aficionado. AWESOME. Whatever, I'm cool, well, at least virtually.

My lunch today was pretty decent. I tried the Lean Cuisine Cheese Lasanga & Chicken and it wasn't too bad. I tried it at the recommendation of a stranger in the frozen food aisle stocking up on LCs since they were on sale. Who takes advice from a complete stranger in the grocery store about something that will determine your ultimate happiness at lunch time? I have a weird thing about marinara...I don't really like it, but I like it. And I don't like a lot, but it's all relative. Anyway, it was pretty decent and I might buy again, but I've got the confidence to try other marinara sauce based LCs. Also, whilst eating the chicken, I was sitting at my desk and holding the "plate" over my lap. Well, the chicken isn't so easy to cut, and it flopped onto my lap. Cut to me changing into my workout gear 4 hours early. Oh well, at least I'm ready for the gym.

I'm so excited for a weekend of (surprisingly) nothing! Between the DVR, vacuuming and the gym, I don't have any other priorities. Totally looking forward to it! And it's weird in general that I don't have SOMEthing going one. Weird.

Right now, the sun is reflecting off a building across the street and it's causing temporary blindness and hulk-type rage.

I told you. Ran. Dom. Hopefully you were entertained!

Apologies to the fans (ahem! Preggo in Kentucky) for my absence from blogging....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A "Good" Problem

Going to the gym before work has many benefits. It gets the workout out of the way, it jump starts my metabolism for the day, I get a boost of energy for the work day, and I feel a sense of accomplishment. What's not to like? Oh, well there's that whole getting up at 5:30 in the morning, driving to and from work in the dark (during the winter, anyway), potential shankings, etc. But whatever.

Here's the problem I had this morning, though. When I get ready at my house, I can accessorize, change things up, add a belt, etc. I do try to put together the whole outfit the night before since I pack my gym bag before bed. However, I forget things sometimes. Today, it was a belt. Normally, I would just sag my pants a little, pull my shirt down a little and carry on. This week is court week, though. That means that I am rocking a suit and heels, the whole shebang. When I realized I didn't have a belt, I thought that it would be fine since November's court week, this suit fit like a glove.

Apparently, my proportions are crazy different. I can pull the pants on and off without unzipping or unbuttoning. So, what's a girl to do with a suit that's too big, pants that fall off her hips with a stretch or deep breath? Binder clips. That's what. I have positioned binder clips at my sides with a gathering of fabric to keep my pants up and with my suit jacket, no one is the wiser. I'm so giving McGyver a run for his money. So you can improvise a hang glider. I can improvise a suit. And who looks better? Me. (That, and I don't have a mullet.)

It could have been a little embarrassing when waving hello to your boss' boss' boss' boss and have your pants fall down. (Totally almost happened. On a street corner. With my head honcho. Awesome.)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Potential Shanking Can Really Kill Motivation

So, I have been making it to the gym before work for the past seven work days...I had previously made it in before work before Christmas, and then there was vacation and the gym ceiling being replaced, so I am ahead of seven days, but that's neither here nor there.

Here's where your motivation can be killed:
I get to work/the gym between 6:15 and 6:30 in the morning and since it's winter, it's still dark outside. I have a parking space in a lot that also happens to be next to the homeless shelters. As I have previously blogged about, someone has taken a shat on my car. I got lazy and never changed my parking space. Well, this morning, as I got out of my car, there was someone SLEEPING in the space next to mine. I yelled an expletive and the response I heard from under the blanket was, "That's what I said." WHO THE HELL SLEEPS IN A PARKING SPACE?! was my reply. So, in a flight or fight reflex, I get my shizz out of my car and book it to the gym.

Moral of the story, change your parking space when your car gets shizzed on, not when you could have been shanked by some homeless dude making an abode out of your parking space.

Lesson learned and space changed. Now, I just need to keep making it to the gym...