Monday, April 26, 2010

Ketchup Catch Up

Back in school, like, way back to second grade, I always thought that my teachers were saying that we were having a "Ketchup" day. Meaning, that we had one day to get caught up on all things that were still out there. (I never had anything to do because I was a hard core nerd on completing all my school work at that age. Fast forward to college and I discovered procrastination.) It never made sense to me why we would have a Ketchup Day, when we should have a Catch Up Day. On a related note: this probably explains a lot of my hearing to understanding words problem that I have...Michael McDonnell was not singing, "...bring me Empire love..." but, as I was corrected and made fun of by my roommates, he wanted a "higher love". Googling lyrics is a regular occurrence now. Anyway, onto the ketchup.

I am officially addicted to twitter and
Jen Lancaster is my favorite author. So, when I found out I could get a steady stream of her thoughts, I had to join twitter...from there, I consulted my ever so techie friend about foursquare and instantly fell in love with the fact that I earn points to become Mayor and earn badges. It's like making a game out of my social life. I have a goal to be Mayor of my local Starbucks and steal it from a Scott L. Not that I'm obsessed.

I never realized how much of a stalker I really am
I have signed up to follow over 50 people in 12 hours I was awake and able to tweet yesterday. I have some friends that tweet, but mostly, I'm following celebrities. And that's really read: stalking. It's like a little piece of their life as it happens rather than me reading about it on Perez or People. It's sickly addicting to see what Steve Jobs or Kim Kardashian is up to. (No. I am not ashamed of either of those.)

People are idiots
We have a had string of sticky fingers in my office. Not that this is unusual for an office, but for Hey Zeus Christo's sake, I work in a SECURED, FEDERAL COURTHOUSE. We have cameras everywhere. We have federal investigators. Was that change and boombox really worth the federal, criminal charges that you are about to receive? You better hope that was the best Ding Dong of your life.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sage Advice Based in a Bachelorette Party

When returning from a bachelorette party, remove all party favors from your purse.
  • I went to a bachelorette party in Keystone over the weekend and naturally, there were some phallic straws. Well, somehow I had one in my purse when I came to work this morning. I work in a federal building. Where they x-ray and screen purses. 'Nuff said.
When traveling, always be prepared.
  • While in Keystone, I managed to curtail my junk food binge (read: ate smaller portions of said junk food interspersed with fruits and veggies.) However, that junk food makes for a rumbly tummy and heartburn. Tums Smoothies were consumed en masse when I returned home. I also managed to randomly have a deck of cards and multiple sizes of safety pins. Booyah.
Anytime you have to chance, you should fall in love.
  • You know how girls are. We chat. And when we're getting together with some adult beverages for a reason to celebrate impending nuptials, we're going to get a little mushy and lovey-dovey. So, naturally, you become an idealist and a romantic and realize that anytime you have the chance to take that leap of faith, you should do it.
The grass isn't always greener.
  • Just because your perception of someone is that they have it made, there are cracks in the porcelain surface if you look hard enough. You should realize that you've got a pretty sweet yard. Even though you have to mow it (this week in a circular pattern, next week, it's diagonal, third week opposing diagonal - not that I'm bitter from my chore as a kid, Dad...) and make sure that you water it, you can always lay down and enjoy that fresh cut grass smell (once the sun dries it...but then again, a nice big blanket can help, too.) Basically, I have a pretty sweet and charmed life.
Tell those around you how much you appreciate them.
  • Too often, we can become complacent with how others in our lives really make it the charmed life we lead. Without the generosity of my family and friends - monetarily, time, love, etc. - I would be pretty lame and way too self-centered. These are the people that keep you in check from turning into someone with a dark heart. Make sure that you let those around you know how much you are grateful for their kindness throughout your day. Every. Day.
Every journey begins with a single step.
  • And that step sometimes has to be repeated throughout the journey. You're going to have to break down to the basics to replicate success. Whether it's drinking water absent mindedly or reminding yourself everyday of one thing you love about your significant other when all they seem to do is annoy you. It's not going to be an easy road. No matter what your journey is for. You are going to have to keep on keeping and remember what your motives really are. You meant something when you started, just remind yourself that you do have purpose even when it seems that there's only miles of cobblestone ahead of you and all you have are 5" stilettos.

Random Thoughts

  • Tanned bodies totally look like you've lost some weight...try this: don't see a friend for a couple of weeks, get your spray tan on (or bed, if you choose...I do a cocktail of both, sometimes.) then go see said friend. Even if you haven't lost any weight, they will probably mention that you look like you have or that you look "refreshed"....either way, it's a total confidence booster.

  • I L-O-V-E love love love Denver in the springtime. This weekend was Opening Day, which is like a holiday in Denver. People request the day off as soon as the schedules are announced, people will wake up early and be outside of the various bars with rooftops 5 hours before the first pitch. It's awesome.

  • Rooftops are the best place to be on a gorgeous day. There's people watching, TVs with games/golf on, booze, food, and friends that allow you to enjoy the sunshine and all things spring. Of all the places I have been rooftops seem to be exclusive to Denver...most other places just have massive patios...

  • Brunches are both amazing and deadly. You can try all sorts of delicious dishes in small servings, but the mass quantities and multiple plates counteract my hard work. OK, so it wasn't hard work when I get a crepe, french toast, cookie, omelet, creme brulee, mac & cheese, cheese, taco salad, etc. etc.

  • I love yoga. I need some detox twists. That is all.

  • LoveCulture is an amazing store that's like a Forever 21, but not as much sensory overload with the's well thought out floor plan and clothes are awesome...and the prices are amazing.

  • I have turned into my mother. I found a shoe that I like and bought it in multiple colors. Granted, they were patent leather heels, not flats, but either way, I used the same reasoning and sensibility that drained my Saturday afternoons as a child.

  • You should do your-not-quite-domesticated-self a favor and visit my Colorado Cupcake's newest blog and foray into her journey to become a domestic goddess with A Domestic Cupcake. If you've read her blog or seen her pics, you know that she has impeccable taste with couture, clothes, and decor, so getting a handle on creating a home should be fabulous!