Monday, April 26, 2010

Ketchup Catch Up

Back in school, like, way back to second grade, I always thought that my teachers were saying that we were having a "Ketchup" day. Meaning, that we had one day to get caught up on all things that were still out there. (I never had anything to do because I was a hard core nerd on completing all my school work at that age. Fast forward to college and I discovered procrastination.) It never made sense to me why we would have a Ketchup Day, when we should have a Catch Up Day. On a related note: this probably explains a lot of my hearing to understanding words problem that I have...Michael McDonnell was not singing, "...bring me Empire love..." but, as I was corrected and made fun of by my roommates, he wanted a "higher love". Googling lyrics is a regular occurrence now. Anyway, onto the ketchup.

I am officially addicted to twitter and
Jen Lancaster is my favorite author. So, when I found out I could get a steady stream of her thoughts, I had to join twitter...from there, I consulted my ever so techie friend about foursquare and instantly fell in love with the fact that I earn points to become Mayor and earn badges. It's like making a game out of my social life. I have a goal to be Mayor of my local Starbucks and steal it from a Scott L. Not that I'm obsessed.

I never realized how much of a stalker I really am
I have signed up to follow over 50 people in 12 hours I was awake and able to tweet yesterday. I have some friends that tweet, but mostly, I'm following celebrities. And that's really read: stalking. It's like a little piece of their life as it happens rather than me reading about it on Perez or People. It's sickly addicting to see what Steve Jobs or Kim Kardashian is up to. (No. I am not ashamed of either of those.)

People are idiots
We have a had string of sticky fingers in my office. Not that this is unusual for an office, but for Hey Zeus Christo's sake, I work in a SECURED, FEDERAL COURTHOUSE. We have cameras everywhere. We have federal investigators. Was that change and boombox really worth the federal, criminal charges that you are about to receive? You better hope that was the best Ding Dong of your life.

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  1. ooooh I have been contemplating tweeting so that my fave celebs realize we need to be bff ;)