Saturday, November 21, 2009

Christmas Carols Already? Really?

Ok, so I have to admit that I am guilty of listening to Christmas music in June if I am having a bad day.

I am a hypocrite though because I think it is ridiculous that retail stores and radio stations play Christmas music prior to Thanksgiving day...and more specifically before Santa makes his entrance in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.

However, this year is different. I am in Denver by myself for the Thanksgiving. Even though I have some sweet benefits working for the Feds, I don't have the day after Thanksgiving off. So, I am here in Denver whilst my family is in sunny Arizona at my aunt's house.

To be fair, I won't be alone on Thanksgiving day. My friend Daisy is coming over so we are making dinner for two since her mom is refusing to make Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Here's where I am also a's not even Thanksgiving week and I have put up the Christmas decorations. That's right, my house is bedecked for the holidays and it's still five days until the first day of the Christmas season in my mind.

My excuse? I work all next week and my mom and grandma get back on Friday while I am work. So, my surprise of decorating for Christmas needed to get done.

I do feel great that it's all done and can't wait for them to come home to Christmas.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Weekend

To my chagrin, all of the snow had melted that was worth making a snowman out of on Friday. That's how much the weather changes here! There is hardly a trace of snow from the massive piles that plows made in parking lots. I imagine it will be completely gone today.

This weekend, I got to enjoy a lovely dinner at The Oceanaire. I had a MASSIVE Hawaiian Tumbo Tuna steak with wasabi, soy and ginger. Delicious! I couldn't finish the whole thing!

On Saturday, I dressed up as Marilyn Monroe and went out on the town with my friends. There were some great costumes with a lot of creativity.

Lucky Charms and their Leprechaun

On Sunday, I relaxed and reveled in my extra hour with the time change. I was saddened with the Broncos' loss to the Ravens, but we're still in first place in the division, so I can't complain! I also got one of the cutest save the dates from A Colorado Cupcake. Chelsea and David are tying the knot in August next year in Beaver Creek, Colorado and I am so excited for a late summer mountain getaway!

Harry Potter, Rachel Zoe, and Marilyn Monroe
(a/k/a David, Chelsea, and Me)

It's now November and I am excited for the holiday season to kick into full gear!