Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So What Wednesday

I'm linking up once again with Shannon over at Life After I "Dew" to say so what.

So what if...

  • I wear and tank top and flip flops into work? I need some comfy walkin' shoes (I walk over a mile a day just to get to and fro) and let's be honest, this heat and humidity is like walking into a dish rag. Mama needs all the help she can get from avoiding pitting out.
  • I edit my profile when I accept new fb friends? It makes me think, "Do I want this person to see that I had a birthday party at a trampoline place?" (The answer is ALWAYS yes.)
  • I make fruit salad that only consists of cantaloupe and apple? That's all I had at the time and I didn't want to waste either. Now I have a great tasting fruit in an interesting flavor combination.
  • I really want to figure out how to make a button, but have zero motivation to figure it out.
  • I really want to redesign my blog entirely, but again have zero motivation to figure it out.
  • I really miss Colorado yet don't really want to go back? There are certain things (arrid climate) and people (family, Harry, friends) that I want here, but I really like DC without them (kinda).
  • I have no idea what I'm going to do with my dad's visit for three days? Well, there's the Air & Space museum and their annex, but that's like two half-days. Oy.
  • I'm more interested in what other people are saying so what to since I'm grasping at straws? Do me a favor and go link up with Shannon and say your own "So whats" for my entertainment. kthanksbye.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cathartic Blogging

Lately, I have been reading blogs, but not really blogging. I think it's because I don't have a consistent thought past 140 characters at a time, so I have mini-blog-like posts via twitter. (Follow me here. You know you want to. I protect my tweets, but once you're in, you'll see the awesomeness.)

Lately though in my lurking on other blogs, I have seen how blogging is cathartic. It's like a really good cry in The Notebook. You're not really sad, but sometimes you need an outlet of emotion so that something little doesn't trigger the ugly crier a la Farrah in Teen Mom in all of us. (Dude. Seriously, she shouldn't fight the cry, I think her resistance makes it uglier. But that's not the point of this post.)

I know that I can post about insignificant things like nail polish and cupcakes, but I do try to blog to get out some of the ramblings in my head. I know that family read my blog to keep tabs on me, so there's an update or two interlaced with amongst things. But blogging for me has become therapy.

It's much easier on the wallet than retail therapy, has opened my eyes to other bloggers that let me escape from my head every once in awhile, and has even introduced me to people I converse with regularly via social media. You find that there are more people on your boat or at least on your body of water that you would have found in traditional means. You also get to read about other events in peoples' lives that inspire you to do more or motivate you to take the plunge on something that scares the heeby jeebies out of you.

Blogging really is a therapy that just let's your mind declutter and rest.

Seriously though, I'll still blog about nail polish and cupcakes because, well, it's fun! Not everything needs to have meaning. (At least that's what I told my Humanities teacher in high school. Which he didn't appreciate. And then I had to use my logic on him and blow his mind that maybe the meaning of something is nothing. Boom! Schooled. Oh, and I got an A.)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fairy Teal Review

I love me some Sally Hanson Salon Manicure line with the base coat, nail strengthener, color, and top coat all in one. I have Plum Luck, Commander in Chic, Kook-a-Mango, and this weekend, I got Fairy Teal.

I love the color of the teal. It's perfect for the spring/summer!

What I don't like is that it kind of dyed my nails a faint teal! I couldn't get it off with nail polish remover, but I'm sure some light buffing would take care of it. I think I will have to put on an actual base coat before I put it back on.

Right now, I have Fairy Teal on my tootsies, but since those are always polished, I don't have to worry about the staining.

Quick and dirty post, but wanted to share the new color!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So What Wednesday

Linking up with Shannon over at Life After I "Dew" and another installment of what I'm saying so what to.

So WHAT if...

  • I do two posts in one day? If you want to know my secret, I wrote it yesterday to post this morning completely spacing that I had this post later on. Oh well. SPOILER ALERT: I have another one scheduled for tomorrow.
  • I make daily trips to CVS? I used to have everything I always needed, but here I have to start all over. I need to pick up some apricot scrub and I'm sure I can find a way to spend $30. Like yesterday in allergy meds and Mucinex.
  • I still "borrow" audiobooks from my library back home? For now, I'm still paying taxes there, so I think I should still be able to use those resources remotely. 
  • By not driving every day, I feel like I have more time on my hands? I get home around the same time as I did in Colorado, but it feels like I could read a book a day with my free time.
  • I am plotting Mexican restaurants that my Dad and I will be patroning while he's in town next weekend? Seriously, I love me some Chipotle - *cough* brown rice in DC, please *cough* - but I need some actual Mexican food. He won't have a problem with this plan because when he comes to Denver we eat Mexican every.single.meal. Not kidding.
  • I am ridiculously excited to aviation geek at the Air & Space Museum and Hazy Center with my dad next weekend? Seriously, you design and get something that weighs massive amounts of tons up in the air over 20,000 feet and go 500 mph and I defy you to not want a museum dedicated to that awesomeness.
  • I watch my follower numbers on here and twitter, but couldn't tell you who left? I mean, I know who decides to follow this insanity, but I have no idea when someone gets off the crazy train. And not that I care, well kinda, but not past that millisecond.
Go link up and share your So Whats!

Palm Sunday Easter Egg Brunch

Thankfully there are other transient people in the office that are just getting here or have been here and know what it's like to move and jump into work.

We got together this Sunday for three things: Easter egg dyeing, mimosas, and boobs. OK, that last one is a little weird for co-workers, but the host, Danielle is doing the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer so it was also a fundraiser.

We had a blast with all sorts of food, laughter, artsy eggs, and company.

Here are the eggs that we call made:

There is a Colorado & Alaska flags, NY Mets, tu (boo!), tye dye, CSU, flowers, and bunnies.

A close up of my CSU Ram eggs and Colorado flag
Brunch and Easter egg dyeing were the perfect end to the weekend...well, before my trip to Trader Joe's.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sprinkles Cupcakes

Having a cupcake-a-day habit (not really, but at least a weekly taste), Liz and I have researched, scouted, and tried several cupcakes around town. Myself being gluten-free and Liz being what I call a "Vegan Individual", we definitely have discriminating tastes. 

So far, we have tried Hello Cupcake and Red Velvet. Last night? It was Sprinkles. We thought we didn't make it to their Georgetown store before they closed, but they are open until 9pm! (Washingtonians, take note!)

We waited in line, but if they knew what was good for them, they better have gluten-free and vegan cupcakes available. We have been burned by wanting a cupcake at the end of the day and people being out.

The little cups of red velvet deliciousness were amazing. The cream cheese frosting is like no other. So delish and so glad that Sprinkles is in the 'hood!

V is for vegan, G is for gluten-free.
(Add an A and you have a dirty joke.)
Oh, and you can spout off about Georgetown Cupcakes from DC Cupcakes of TLC, but since you have to pre-order gluten-free or vegan cupcakes, they are dead to us. Oh, and Crumbs is on notice, too for not even having gluten-free or vegan cupcakes.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lounging Weekend

After a stellar night of kickball (read:cocktails), I used Friday to recover and recharge the batteries. It was nice to do little things around the house that needed to get done, catch up on DVR, and paint my nails.

I was rallied by my new friends through Tri Delta alum brunch and happy hour.

Time out:
Wanna know how small the world is when you're in a sorority? I follow Lindsey's blog Lovin' My Life, which led to twitter follows and tweetbacks. I checked in for the Tri Delta happy hour and we discovered that we're sisters! Because our convo was on the feed, another follower named Ashley told us that she's a Tri Delta, too! We are everywhere.
Time in.

Back to Friday night rally efforts. I managed to last until about 12:30 before I called it a night. I was proud to have made it that long.

Time out for a confessional:
You know how I lasted so long? There was what I could only describe as an American Beefcake across the way at the bar that I couldn't help but stare up and down. I was caught several times, but whatever, he was so ridiculously good-looking I couldn't help it. I'm not necessarily into that "type", but he was like an Adonis. Seriously. Wow.
Time in.

Today was filled with more naps, movies, and finally taking all my boxes to the dumpster. I realized I couldn't keep making excuses. It needed to get done. I rewarded myself with a Slurpee and Ben & Jerry's, naturally. (Oh, and I totes did a workout because I felt guilty for have two straight days where I didn't walk at least a mile. Score one for me. Minus several thousand for the entire pint of ice cream for dinner.)

I think I would have gotten out today if it weren't for the blustery, rainy weather. We had a tornado watch. Seriously? We're several hundred miles from Tornado Alley, so what gives?

Tonight, I enjoyed getting caught up on blogs and ironing, and plan on getting up early to hit up the farmer's market before a brunch with some co-workers, then I have a date with Trader Joe's and Target. (I have to make dates because I have to schedule a Zipcar, which also makes me much more efficient at errand running because I'm on a time limit.)

I like that I'm back to being normal while the luster of living in DC is starting to wear, it's more that I appreciate it rather than stand in awe that I live here. Hence the whole staying in for a couple of days. Oy.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

So What Wednesday

Here's what I'm saying "So What" to this week by linking up with Shannon over at Life After I Dew:

So What if...

  • I didn't get the BFF's birthday card in the mail in time to get there by today? I know that Chelsea will be reading this. And if I give her blog A Colorado Cupcake a shout out, she can't be that mad.
  • OK, she totally has the right to be a little mad.
  • I have happy hour tonight, kickball + night out tomorrow, and then a day off? God put seven days in a week and seven different nights in which to enjoy an adult beverage.
  • I'm planning multiple brunches - almost one a weekend. A girl's gotta eat. And drink champagne.
  • I think that acronyms are a new language? When someone says Effaredee, they really mean FRD and I have a tough time deciphering.
  • I am plotting my errand running. It's not like I can hop in the car anytime I want, I have to schedule it like everything else in my life.
  • I'm excited for my parents to visit, but have no idea what to do with them. I mean, there's all this touristy stuff, but #beentheredonethat
  • I use hashtags in daily conversations via email, text, fb, and of course, twitter. It's like Brick whispering to himself on the The Middle.
  • I now look like I'm disinterested in the world when I'm walking around town? I have discovered audiobooks from my library (FREE! to download) and am now enjoying the company of Maj. Dick Winters and his memoir Beyond Band of Brothers. Love it.
Go over and link up with Shannon and say your own "So what"!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Alone Time

Talking with the BFF Daisy yesterday, I realized why I haven't even thought about Colorado that much since I moved: I finally have alone time.

Back in Colorado, someone was always around. Sometimes it was just Harry, but that sweet face cuddling up on you can completely zap your motivation to clean/do laundry/move.

Here, I can get out, explore, meet people, and do what I want. Yesterday, I walked all around the neighborhood while talking to Daisy on the phone because I wanted to get out. It was perfect.

I get to have control of the TV.

I get to have the oven/stove/fridge space that I want for dinner.

I'm to blame for eating the last Peepster. (Blessing and a sadness.)

I don't have to worry about leaving hot water for the next person.

I can do laundry without interruption.

Basically, I missed being on my own and independent. Being an only child, I can handle it. It's something that keeps me walking a fine line between a hermit/crazy cat lady and a social butterfly. There are just some things in life that I want to do and experience alone. Some things, of course I want to share, but there's something about being with yourself that makes you just that more awesome.

I likened it to yoga for Daisy. I am getting active and a workout by walking all around. I get the meditation from being by myself. I have to do the deep breathing to get up the stairs at Dupont Circle Station. I haven't done yoga in awhile because, here, I get it in everyday activities. I can sit back and watch the world go by all while enjoying the quiet in my mind.

Alone time is simply wonderful and completely restorative.


Oh, and for an update on some of my life, head over to Adventures in the District for some catch up.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

So What Wednesday

Linking up with Shannon over at Life After I Dew, here's what I have to say "so what" to this week.

So what if...

  • I have a stack of boxes just sitting in my living room? I haven't had anyone staying with me and it's been too cold/hot/windy/late/early to take them to the dumpsters.
  • I have cupcake-a-day habit? I'm walking over a mile a day with my new place and I'm taking into account...strawberry frosting and lemon zest cake count as fruit, dairy, and grain servings, right?
  • I chose to cheer for Butler because their coach is cute? I'm a girl whose bracket was busted early on, so I need to revert to my instincts.
  • I blogged about wearing heels when you go out, but will probably wear flats out this weekend?
  • I'm more unsure how to dress for DC weather than Colorado weather? I don't know how to dress in layers for a place that does and doesn't need layers. I'm so confused.
  • I carry coffee onto the Metro? I have caught myself giving the stink eye to tourists eating and drinking on the Metro now that I know that you can't eat and drink on the Metro, but my coffee is concealed in a travel, no spill mug tucked into my little Metro bag. (Thanks, daddio.)
  • I purposefully will carry a large purse in this city? Charging for bags makes me crazy, so I will cram my groceries into my purse. (And I do carry a reusable bag in my Metro bag in case I stop to shop on my way home from the office.)
  • I am considering getting a Xanex prescription for taking the escalator into the Metro at the Dupont Station? Between the vertigo and anxiety with falling, I'm a wreck when they're not on and I have to take them like stairs. (Kidding. Kinda.)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Flats vs. Heels

Here's what I get and what I observe. On the nine-to-fivers, there are practical, comfortable shoes that get you from A to B in a fast and blister-free look. Not to mention, if you're walking around and around a new office that you're constantly confused with, then you need to have some shoes that don't fatigue your feet.

I get it. I am that girl. I have several pairs of flats, from Tory Burch & Cole Haan to Payless & Target. I have gel insoles in most of them. Let's be honest, when your feet are happy, you're happy.

What I don't get is when you get gussied up to hit the bars, friend an ass-tastic pair of jeans or a banging dress that you feel faboosh in, why oh why would you wear flats?

I get that you're standing for a period of time at the bars, that you're walking from bar to bar, but have you ever been to Vegas? Because lemme tell you, you should be able to rock those heels, ladies. Vegas is a marathon and a typical Saturday night out is a measly 5K.

I get flats, I really do, but there are some ensembles that require a pair of heels. So, get a pair that has a little platform to make the heel less extreme, get a half size bigger and wear gel insoles, try not walk as much (hitch a ride or get a taxi), and remember if your feet hurt and you sit down, your feet are going to hurt hella worse when you stand up. Just keep a drink in your hand to numb the pain a little, dance to make them a little more numb, and then pack a little pair of roll up flats for the walk home if you're unlucky in finding a cab.

Rant over.

(Oh and feel free to point out when I wear flats out and remind me of this post.)