Monday, April 4, 2011

Flats vs. Heels

Here's what I get and what I observe. On the nine-to-fivers, there are practical, comfortable shoes that get you from A to B in a fast and blister-free look. Not to mention, if you're walking around and around a new office that you're constantly confused with, then you need to have some shoes that don't fatigue your feet.

I get it. I am that girl. I have several pairs of flats, from Tory Burch & Cole Haan to Payless & Target. I have gel insoles in most of them. Let's be honest, when your feet are happy, you're happy.

What I don't get is when you get gussied up to hit the bars, friend an ass-tastic pair of jeans or a banging dress that you feel faboosh in, why oh why would you wear flats?

I get that you're standing for a period of time at the bars, that you're walking from bar to bar, but have you ever been to Vegas? Because lemme tell you, you should be able to rock those heels, ladies. Vegas is a marathon and a typical Saturday night out is a measly 5K.

I get flats, I really do, but there are some ensembles that require a pair of heels. So, get a pair that has a little platform to make the heel less extreme, get a half size bigger and wear gel insoles, try not walk as much (hitch a ride or get a taxi), and remember if your feet hurt and you sit down, your feet are going to hurt hella worse when you stand up. Just keep a drink in your hand to numb the pain a little, dance to make them a little more numb, and then pack a little pair of roll up flats for the walk home if you're unlucky in finding a cab.

Rant over.

(Oh and feel free to point out when I wear flats out and remind me of this post.)


  1. Love the little flats that you can roll up and pack into your bag, one of the best inventions yet.

  2. ok... thank you for posting this. lol i have a lot to say about this because I've been having major shoe delimma's like this lately.

    see... i'm 5'4, so i should be wearing heels as often as possible. but... i dance so much better in flats. i just simply have more fun in flats. but i know they don't look as night. SIGH... it's such a struggle for me.... every night we go out, I do the shoe debate... heels, flats, heels flats. ugh.

    lately it's been snowing here in calgary, so flats are winning the battle due to functionality.... but still. even then that's not a good excuse!

    ahh let the battle continue....

  3. totally agree!! i'm all about the flats for day to day, but when i'm going out this 5'7" girl is rocking some high high heels. big time!!
    if i don't wear heels i don't feel like it's a party. and when you don't feel like it's a party, it's not a party. i have worn 4" heels in 17" of snow. sometimes, it just has to happeN!

  4. Cheers! I'm a heels girl all the way. I actually wear them to work. Boy do I wish my feet felt comfortable in flats. They actually hurt. However, there are certain heels I wear to work on a daily basis.
    Going out... I couldn't agree with you more. Put the flats up in the closet. Heels make you feel sexy. They make you stand up straight and feel like you rock the world. Or, I do.

    Great post Ana!

  5. I love this! I was just in Vegas and debated the heels vs. flats issue for a while. I settled on a pair of heels not too tall and actually survived the walk from Bellagio to MGM in them... with no blisters. Yay! I love the idea of packing away a pair of flats for the walk home if you have room. (: