Wednesday, April 6, 2011

So What Wednesday

Linking up with Shannon over at Life After I Dew, here's what I have to say "so what" to this week.

So what if...

  • I have a stack of boxes just sitting in my living room? I haven't had anyone staying with me and it's been too cold/hot/windy/late/early to take them to the dumpsters.
  • I have cupcake-a-day habit? I'm walking over a mile a day with my new place and I'm taking into account...strawberry frosting and lemon zest cake count as fruit, dairy, and grain servings, right?
  • I chose to cheer for Butler because their coach is cute? I'm a girl whose bracket was busted early on, so I need to revert to my instincts.
  • I blogged about wearing heels when you go out, but will probably wear flats out this weekend?
  • I'm more unsure how to dress for DC weather than Colorado weather? I don't know how to dress in layers for a place that does and doesn't need layers. I'm so confused.
  • I carry coffee onto the Metro? I have caught myself giving the stink eye to tourists eating and drinking on the Metro now that I know that you can't eat and drink on the Metro, but my coffee is concealed in a travel, no spill mug tucked into my little Metro bag. (Thanks, daddio.)
  • I purposefully will carry a large purse in this city? Charging for bags makes me crazy, so I will cram my groceries into my purse. (And I do carry a reusable bag in my Metro bag in case I stop to shop on my way home from the office.)
  • I am considering getting a Xanex prescription for taking the escalator into the Metro at the Dupont Station? Between the vertigo and anxiety with falling, I'm a wreck when they're not on and I have to take them like stairs. (Kidding. Kinda.)


  1. I have no problem cheering for a team b/c I think the coach or players or cute! I love hearing about your new experiences in DC.

  2. I love this.... there are so many things we are supposed to be doing, but we dont... and who cares!! hahah xxxooo

  3. I feel your pain for Dupont. My sister went to school in DC and I'd always get nervous!!