Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Best. Planner. Ever.

I'm brilliant. Let's just get it out there. When it comes to mastering life, I've got it.

Yeah. Right.

Considering this is the second year in a row that I have managed to be moving over birthday weekend, I win the prize.

You see, this time last year, I was freaking out, packing, lining up furniture, carefully planning my arrival to DC to start my contract. I thought I was so smart to push back my start date to be after my birthday so I wasn't spending my birthday in a new city, potentially by myself.

Well, that didn't happen because I have great friends here. Hence why this year, I'm equally pissed that I'm moving again. I would love to stay in my apartment, but the gravy train has ended and the rent is too rich for my blood. Thankfully this move is just like the move to DC and it's predominately clothes. (Oh and lots of shoes.)

Granted I need to make it fit into suitcases, find a stray box (or six), but should be a lot easier since I'm not actually moving furniture.

Bonus points for me, too, since I finally figured out the hose attachment on my vacuum so I can use Space Bags to make more things fit!

Here's to Space Bags, Goodwill donations, and celebrating all at once. Also, let's hope for zero to moderate hangover as I get my stuff packed and out the door.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Fancies

I know I have been remiss in my posting, but I have a lot of pieces that I am coveting as Spring starts to sprung here in DC.

First, I have a goal to have a solid Sperry Angelfish tan line on my feet before the Spring Equinox on March 21. I would say I'm almost there!

For now, though, I will be coveting and acquiring my spring/summer wish list.

Blush/Seersucker Sperry Angelfish.

Patent Navy Sperry Cunard Wedge

Modalu Pippa Bag in Black or Shark (pictured).

Totes Nauts Tee from Anthropologie.

Duffel, Large Cosmetic, and Pocket Cosmetic from Vera.
The Modalu will be a long-time covet as it is around 200 GBP plus shipping, plus import and customs fees. Unless I convince someone on the Continent to bring one back with them.

Happy hunting and happy Friday!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

My Furbaby Turns Six!

My furbaby, Harry turns SIX today!!

From this Christmas 2011

Granted, my buhbbies (pronounced bub-bees) has been with his Great Grandma for the past year, he's still my furbaby with so much personality and snuggles that it makes my heart hurt that he's not here in DC with me. His life is pretty sweet being spoiled by my Grandma.

He begrudgingly gets up around 8:00am to be walked by my mom, then retires back to bed to be awoken like Lucifer in Cinderella around 9:30am for his breakfast. Which is a freshly cooked egg from my Grandma. (Her choice because it's "good for his coat") I should also mention that his breakfast is supplemented by a portion of my Grandma's breakfast, too.

The remainder of the day is spend finding various places around the house to nap. There's sunshine spots, on top of any human in reach, his two-thirds of my Grandma's king size bed. She's happy to have him close, but would just as soon move to the other part of the bed before moving him. He's a complete spoiled prince.

I know that he will be spoiled with extra love today, too. When I called to catch up with my Grandma, her first thing was, "Do you know what tomorrow is? Harry's birthday." He's made the family perpetual calendar.

Happy birthday buhbie. Mama misses you!

Great googly moogly.

What? I didn't rip apart my toy. He puked.

Harry with his ladies, Peach and Eva.

Hiking at Chautauqua

Four months old. July 2006

That's my knee under his chin. I told you he snuggles.

Precious puppy snuggles.

He didn't like the mohawk cut.

Avid sports fan.

With his best buddy, my 90 year-old Grandma.

Ready for the snow.

He liked to ride around with my Grandpa when he was alive.

First Halloween as a dinosaur. Rawr.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Oh Where Oh Where Has My Little Blog Gone?

As of late, I can really only muster thoughts that would translate into 140-characters-or-less. And even then, twitter doesn't see my inner dialogue as it has in the past. I think this is because I have been a little less than inspired in my writing.

I plan on blogging a little more as I am starting to get into a groove that I like. I think it will come down to writing and scheduling posts more often than not, but that's what blogging is for...just talking when you want to and need to express yourself.

Also, I think I want to be a blonde again. Discuss.