Monday, November 29, 2010

All I Want For Christmas

I am brainstorming gifts for everyone else on my list that thinking about my own wish list is taking a back seat. Not to mention that even though I want to post about the gifts I'm giving, I'll have to wait until after the holidays to spill the beans since some of my readers are also my recipients!

I have complied a little bit to send out  to my parents to get the ball rolling. I really love the scent Very Hollywood from Michael Kors. Another gem that Colorado Cupcake found was these gloves from Echo Design. They have special fabric on the index fingers and thumbs so I can use my iPhone without taking my gloves off! I will normally pull the thumb out of my gloves, but that makes my thumbs cold! Then, there's a new iPod nano. I have the ginormous classic from back in the day, but that's getting a little less charged and not really convenient for working out with. Now, you might say that a shuffle would be good, but that means that I would have to update my playlist often and that's not something I do well. Of course, I would also love some iTunes gift cards to fill up the new iPod and get some new jams to work out to!

What I want for Christmas

What's on your Christmas lists? Any "must haves" that I should consider adding to this list?

Thanksgiving Recap

This year, I once again took the helm to cook the feast for the masses. Cooking for 10 really doesn't phase me since I cook for that many whenever we have a family dinner anyway.

That doesn't stop me from cooking for 20, though. The best part about Thanksgiving is the leftovers!

The night before, I cooked up some of the dishes that could be served chilled or warmed up in the oven while the turkeys was resting and being carved. I also baked the pies and set the table to make sure that I had the necessary dishes and space.

Getting the table together

My grandma made the place holders ages ago, so we use them every year.

Here are my pecan pies. Tip: mix together about a cup of pecans into the mixture and pour into the crust, then place pcans on top so that the sugary mix doesn't singe on the top layer.
The pumpkin pies getting their bake on. Tip: put foil around the edges to keep the crust from burning and place on a baking sheet to make getting the liquid pie into the oven without spilling.

The up close of one of my designs

The day of making the gravy with my grandma, my cousin, and me. It's three generations since my cousin is my cousin's daughter.

The centerpiece. Well, the Jennie-O Oven Ready Turkey is amazing. You don't have to thaw it at all. Although the skin was singed from the oven bag, I peel it off anyway.

The bountiful feast! There's rolls, cranberry sauce, candied sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, turkey, stuffing, Watergate salad, gravy,  and relish trays. We added an occasional table to the mix for the over flow.

The whole famn damily.
I am now ready to get to attacking that store room again and get some of the decorations that no one uses out the door to other family members or donate it. Next up on the cooking extravaganza will be Christmas! But then again, that's like Thanksgiving, but with Prime Rib, so I've got it in the bag.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Random Thoughts

Before I get into my Thanksgiving Exttravagnaza, celebrating birthdays, and football, I have some random thoughts that I thought that you might enjoy...or like as a distraction...or think I'm nuts. Whatever.

  • I am one obscure red outft away from being the Target Christmas lady. Between my pearls, the pony, and the shopping habits, I'm almost there.
  • I really, really, want to see NKOTBSB...that's New Kids On The Block/Backstreet Boys (minus Kevin) in concert. I was watching the AMAs on DVR last night and fell in love all over again with every single one of them...except for Howie and Danny...
  • I really want to go to another football game at school where traditions are ridiculous. Last season, I went to a Texas A&M game, and next year with the rearrangement of the conferences, I would love to see the Colorado Buffalos get pounded by the Ohio State Buckeyes.
  • I am re-reading Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows since I don't remember the book that well and the movie is only half, but the half that I don't really remember.
  • I plan on re-reading Breaking Dawn before I see that movie because I was so confused in Harry Potter.
  • How could people want to be friends with Jessica Fletcher from Murder, She Wrote when everywhere she went, someone died? Oh, and if you were accused of anything, why wouldn't you hire Matlock or Perry Mason? They always win.
  • I really hate that I break out on my chin. I am so careful with not allowing anything to touch it, I cleanse, exfoliate, and moisterize, so why does it have to be this ridiculous? Ugh.
  • I really like Sundays. Although, I need to do laundry, go grocery shopping, and run some other random errands.
Hope that you kept up...I have a lot more random thoughts, but then you would think I'm crazy...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Hope that you and yours are celebrating and giving thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Eve!

It's Thanksgiving Eve!!

After work today, I am going to be prepping for tomorrow with my third Thanksgiving preparing for 12! Tonight will be simple with pies and cutting up bits for the relish and meat & cheese plates for people to munch on before the main event. I have managed to organize the whole cooking event to have it orchestrated to have everything done and warm before serving. The major challenge will be getting the family (read: younger cousins who lack the responsibilities I had to work my way through at their age) to help with setting the table, setting up the plates, and general not acting like ungrateful gits. (Harry Potter marathon in my life.) I'm thinking of a buffet set up because with all the dishes being warm, it would be hard to pass.

What are some of your Thanksgiving traditions? We normally will go around the table and say things that we are thankful for, have my grandma lead a prayer, and dig in. I would like to make the whole part of giving thanks a little more personal to each person, but I don't know how. Thoughts? Ideas? All are greatly appreciated in advance!

Oh, and a special shout out to my Tri Delta sisters...Happy Founders' Day! I know that technically it was November 28, 1888 as the founding, but Thanksgiving Eve will always be what I remember since that's when we would celebrate.

All sorts of symbols...You non-Deltas try to figure them out...
Two up top to Sarah and Eleanor for kicking it in the Philological Library and making a kick ace sisterhood.
Sarah Ida Shaw
Eleanor Dorcas Pond

Blog Challenge Day 30: Pictures

It's the last day of the challenge! Whew!

In parting, I'm going to just post some of my favorite pictures of all time....ones that I've taken...there are so many great photos out there, but really, these are the moments that make my memories. I hope that you have enjoyed my 30-day challenge and have gotten to know me as a person and blogger better.

Oh college... 
Final pref night of my senior year

My Gram and Papa

Love this picture.
GREAT Googly moogly!!

Sunshine in Seattle

Good times, good drinks, good friends

Just dance

Crashing in the bed in Vegas

Awkward photo for Katie and I

Best awkwardness...
Denver the wind...

Good times at weddings
The memorial at the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City

Yes, that's a goat. Yes, that's a bride.

Friendships that last decades.

Friendships that last miles apart

That's my dot! Yes, that's her wedding dress.

Never without my pearls
Herve Leger. Say it with me.

Dancing doggies and prancing princesses.

Getting my art on with friends...and wine...

Precious moments

New baby puppies that are smaller than my grande!