Monday, November 22, 2010

Ceramics in the City

So, a couple of Sundays ago, we got together for my friends Daisy's and Leah's birthdays. After many bottomless mimosas, we went over to Ceramics in the City. It's a ceramic studio that you pick out a piece and paint it as you see fit. It was a great creative outlet for me and now, I want to go make so many more pieces! There are so many simple pieces like mugs, platters, plates, coasters, etc. to more complex pieces that would require more detail and a steadier hand than my champagne fueled one.

If you have a paint-you-own ceramics studio, I highly suggest that you get over there for some artistic fun!

The beginning of our bottomless mimosa marathon...what's not pictured is the round of shots.

The bottom of my massive platter.

Sarah getting her creative on with a candy bowl.

The end product before firing. That's my Papa with a halo and my Grandma. 
Painting our pieces.

I don't remember what this face was from, but there you go.

Adding the finishing touches for her candy pieces.

She's really excited about her mug!

The pieces before firing.

Me with my platter before firing.

The finished, fired piece!!

Leah with her mug, Daisy with her "butta" dish, and Sarah with her Candy dish.
When I showed my grandma the platter, she cried! She loves whenever we personalize things with the family. I plan on using the platter this Thursday for the turkey!

Happy turkey week!

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