Thursday, November 11, 2010

Contents of a Sleepover Bag

Lately, I've been reminiscing about college and the days of yore. Fueled by Total Frat Move, Sorostitute Stories, and going through memorabilia, I have realized how much a sleepover has evolved over the years. Now, you have shacking, sleepovers, ONS, and legit sleepovers with your girls. A post, too, on SS made me think about the quintessential contents for a Sleepover Bag.

Growing Up
Going over to your friend's house to spend the night was a BIG deal as a kid. Naturally, you had to pack up everything in a duffel bag and have your parents schlep you over to your friend's house. The contents were simple enough: PJs, a toothbrush, a hairbrush, a blankie/stuffed animal, and if you're like me, a Popples  sleeping bag, and maybe some games.

High School
In high school, sometimes you got to spend the night on a school night! Oh, so cool. You didn't really need much past what you would be wearing the next day, PJs, toothbrush, hair brush, perhaps a pillow, nail polish, make up, movies, and phone book for calling boys or pranking frenemies. (This was the days before cell phones. Well, I had one in high school, but I also had all of my friends' numbers memorized.)

Then, we went off to college....

To this post, I will clarify that a shack is less than what one would call a "relationship." It might be your booty call, your friend with benefits or a one night stand (ONS). Basically, you do your thing until the end of the night and then this is where you end up.

Shacking does entail some sort of debauchery leading up to shacking with that, you have to be prepared for the Walk of Shame or the Stride of Pride. (I prefer the Stride of Pride...unless it was Parents' Weekend...and woke up late....and had to sneak out without parents seeing you...across the your house...but, whatever. It's not like I'm speaking from experience.) It's a fine line to walk because you have to transcend from nighttime to daytime, not the other way around as the fashion world prepares us. There's also no excuse for being prepared. Large, gorgeous bags are in and hold everything you need. (I have a Coach purse that fits my wallet, cell phone, keys, and a 750mL of vodka without bulging.)

Make Up
You don't want to be sloppy when you wake up and go home. You want to maintain that level of awe that you are perfectly flawless no matter the time of day.

Colgate Wisps
You need to freshen your breath before you leave and leave them breathless. No one needs that cotton mouth beer breath on them. These suckers are also powerful enough to overcome his breath.

Sometimes there's cigarette smoke lingering, sometimes there's stale beer, sometimes it's just the scent of the place you're in. Whatever the case, you can be fresh as a daisy with a quick spritz. Seriously, it also helps mask it for your House Mom as you greet her while she's drinking her morning coffee.

If your cotton mouth is too much or you're fighting back a little of a hangover, the gum can help alleviate some of your woes.

Non-Hooker Shoes
I proudly strut the town in a pair of high heels that make you dizzy, but those? Are not exactly daytime appropriate. (Unless you are a Kardashian or Snooki's height. If you're neither, consider this a warning.) Any way, you may also need a pair of flip flops or flats that can help you navigate the war zone of the house and tip toe around things.

Shirt or One of His Shirts
A perfect way to increase your t-shirt collection is to swipe one of his shirts. There's something about a guy's t-shirt that is softer than your own. You should bring something to change into because sometimes there's a little too much decolletage for the daytime.

The bright rays of sun can also make you scowl. That? Leads to premature wrinkles. Not to mention, you want to look like you totally know what you're doing at ten in the morning rolling into the house. You were clearly up and out before everyone else to run an errand. That, and these oversized beauties are a must no matter the circumstances.

A slampiece is somewhat of a relationship or even a full-blown relationship, but in college - and in particular Greek life - no one may admit to it. The consistency of a slampiece doesn't mean that you can simply go grunge, you're not living together and there's not a ring on it.

First, make sure that your bag has the contents of a Shack Bag, but with some modifications because your sleepovers can be planned, on a week night, and may even involve - GASP! - homework.

Since the sleepover is planned, you can go over there with clean chompers, but you have to clean them in the morning, too. Since there's consistency in a slampiece, you know that you'll be there in the morning on your way to somewhere else.

Bag for Class/Homework
If you're on your way to a study or going straight to your 8AM, then you'll want to have your things with you to go.

Face Wash or Bare Escentuals Make Up
If you're blessed with the porcelain skin of a goddess, then you can wash your face before bed and maintain your devout regimen of face care. If you're like the general population have some imperfection in your complexion, wash your face beforehand and put on some Bare Escentuals make up to cover up those imperfections and you can sleep in it without worrying about causing more imperfections. Bonus: You can touch up in the morning for more flawless coverage.

Change of Clothes
Whether you're going to the gym in the morning or to class or to some study group, you can still manage to fit an amazing ensemble into that bag.

You'll probably be draining your battery, so even if you don't plug in the charger and charge your phone while you're staying the night, then you can charge it whenever you get where you're going. Having a phone with a battery is like my little blankie from my childhood.

Then after college, there's always the legit sleepover with your girl friends...

Legit Sleepover
I wouldn't consider legit sleepovers in college for myself since living in the sorority house was a legit sleepover. Every night. For three years. 

(I do miss waking up and having re-cap and hanging out with the girls on the landing.)

When you're with your girls, you will revert to some of High School ways, but there's a lot more sophistication to your bag and preparedness. With your girls, you can be yourself, no matter what, so you bring things that make you comfortable and you go to bed at a reasonable hour, not because you have to, but because you want to sleep.  Ah, with age comes wisdom...and sleep.

Yoga Pants
They are comfortable and still make you look fabulous. Lulu Lemon, you do amazing things for anyone's ass. No joke. Every. Single. Ass. Add that to your Christmas list. Your man will thank you. And then you can thank me. Contact me for shipping information. I'll take a pair of those asstastic Groove Pants from Lulu.

Slippers or Socks
If you're anything like me and my girls, we are at home in each other's homes. With that, we'll bring footwear to keep our tootsie warm while sitting around gossiping.

Change of Clothes
This is a moot point if you've read through the rest of the other bags. But even though it's a dead horse, I have a bat, so I'm going to bear it and tell you that we are very busy and really important, so we will probably have somewhere to be in the morning.

Face Wash
We all know about our imperfections, so we can all forget sleeping in makeup and have fresh clean faces.

We can bake, cook, or buy the little pieces of indulgences that make the night a true escape from the rat race. Seriously, I think sometimes the girls are the best judges of your recipes or at least give you some ideas for another recipe. Not to mention, you'll find a whole spectrum of recipes from throw together to marinade overnight.

I think you'll file this under "Duh", but a great glass of wine, my girls, gossip, and laughter make for a GREAT night.

Did I forget anything? Need some guidance in buying a pair of Lulu's?

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  1. love it! I am a little jealous you did a post on shacking before me but I absolutely love it! xo