Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So What Wednesdays

Inspired by Elizabeth at Stilettos & a Fishing Pole who was inspired by Mama Dew at Life After I "Dew", I wanted to participate in So What Wednesdays. You can join up here.


SO WHAT if....
  • I'm turning into a giraffe by my tongue turning black? It was chewable Pepto Bismal that did it to me. (Albeit freaking the ever loving shizz out of me.)
  • I'm wearing a suit and rocking out to The Little Mermaid soundtrack? It's good music that makes me sing along.
  • I switched from The Little Mermaid to Christmas music? The red cups are out at Starbucks and I can't fight the holiday spirit all the time.
  • I have a longer "To Do" list for personal means that I will attend to while completing my work "To Do" list? I have the time, I'm going to use it.
  • I have been planning, designing my own wedding since I was six? I defy you to find five girls that haven't thought about the big day even though they don't have a ring on it, much less a potential groom. It will just make the planning process easier in the end since I know what I like.
  • I want to be a domestic diva but have no space within which to do so? I am merely keeping up my Continuing Education credits with my MRS degree until I have a place of my own.
  • I belt out loud to music in my car? It doesn't distract me, in fact, it makes me look around a lot more so that I don't look like too much of a fool.
  • I don't like olives on anything claiming to be "Greek"? I get that the essence of "Greek" is olives, but I only like olives in oil form. 
  • I. Can. Not. Wait. For Harry Potter on Friday? I have the day off and I will be with my hetero life couple/chaperons/screeners Mr. & Mrs. E from A Colorado Cupcake. I might even try to read the book again before going, or at the very least watching The Half-Blood Prince because I definitely watched the marathon on ABC Family this weekend. Both days.


  1. My ride home from work is a one woman show! I sing at the TOP of my lungs too! SO WHAT?!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Your last comment on my blog made me laugh! Haha! I am often in Court too but because I am a Paralegal and I always forget to add in the "not because I'm a convict part" when I talk to people! Haha! Oh, and The Little Mermaid movie was the BEST disney movie ever! And I have been listening to Christmas music for 2 weeks now!