Monday, November 8, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 14: A Picture You Love

In honor of my grandma's birthday, I am going to post a picture that I love of my grandma.

Mrs. Kathlynn Anastasia (My name sake) was born on this day way back in 1920.

(I'll save you the time, that's a whopping 90 years.)

She was married to my grandpa for over 60 years before he passed away. She has four kids (one son, three daughters - my mom being the baby) and seven grandchildren (I'm smack in the middle) with five great-grandchildren (none of which are mine, thankfully). She was a cafeteria cook at the Catholic school and church that the family attended. When she retired, they named the cafeteria after her.

She's a scrappy little lady with the ability to save more on her groceries than she spends, always has candy around (blessing and a curse), makes the best cookies and brownies in the world (don't even try to make your grandma compare. She won't win.), what she says goes, but that's a right you've earned by living 90 years and raising all of us.

Here's to you, Gram, the matriarch of the Crests. And you better not forget that we made a deal that you couldn't keel over until I was married and had a kid...without Harry doesn't count. And regardless of your fear that you've got a decade to wait, don't worry, you're not alone...

From our family dinner to celebrate her 90 years!!

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