Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 27: Furry Children

I have blogged extensively about my pretty poopy puppy, Harry, I can't help but gush about him!! He truly warms my heart whenever he just curls up next to me. How can that unconditional love not make your day instantly better?!

I have this little one on my desk at work. He was just 4 months old here.

Beginning his mastery of naps. The incredulity of me disturbing him in his eyes.

Graduating Puppy Kindergarten


Whenever my grandpa got up from his chair, Harry would take over his throne.

Little unsuspecting dinosaur

Booties and a fleece were a must with his short hair, cold temps and deep snow.

He finds all of your nooks and crannies.

Puppy lovin'. 

Yes, that's a 'hawk. He's been sporting one since 2006

Harry with his ladies, Eva and Peach

Perched in his ascot while we were hiking

Seriously, he is the cutest little puppy and I'm not just biased because I'm his mama, but because everyone tells me so. (Not that I'm proud or anything. I am completely modest.)

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