Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 13: Goals

Granted, some of these goals are a little out of reach in the near future, I think that you have to have something to strive for in life. No need to start being mediocre now. Oh, and I know that I need some steps leading up to these goals like a husband or a kid, but whatever, you get the point.
  1. To never have to worry about money.
  2. To be an amazing wifey.
  3. To be an amazing mama.
  4. To travel to South America, Asia, Africa, and Australia.
  5. To own a home.
  6. To own a vacation home.
  7. To be the best friend that I can to my friends.
  8. To bring humor to every situation.
  9. To remind myself and others that it's all small stuff that doesn't matter.
  10. To remind myself that every day is truly an opportunity to rock at life.
OK, that's enough of the mushy, lovey, philosophical stuff. Now onto more important things like my Boozing Brunch Bunch. That's a whole post right there.

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