Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 20: Nicknames

I have many nicknames. In fact, Ana is a nickname for Anastasia. Although, if someone calls me Anastasia, I think of it more as a nickname than my real name. But, I love being an Anastasia.

In middle school, I earned my most embarrassing nickname thanks to a science class with Mr. Pfeifer. If you were talking in class, you got your name put on the board. (I'll let you guess how often that happened for me.) Then if you continued to talk, you would get a strike. If you got three strikes, you were given detention. Well, I got a lifetime of detention thanks to Mr. Pfeifer not allowing enough space between my name and my first strike. Instead of reading Ana     I, the board read AnaI. Yep, my nickname from middle school is Anal. I know you're jealous.

In high school, my friend Delilah as over the top and I got the name Anastass. It's pronounced Ana-st-awe-ssss. No "ass" in that. She's really the only one that calls me that, but it's been something I answer to for about 12 years, so it's an oldie.

In college, there was another Anna in the house, so being the newbie, I was sometimes called Ozzy as a play that Ozzy and I have the same last name. Anna ended up the one with the nickname though in the end. Her nickname was just cooler: Schirfy.

There are some people out there that don't know that my real name is Anastasia and try to make a nickname out of Ana with "Annie". I strike that one down and out so fast, if I tell you once, I may slap you the second time. I don't need to be confused with someone who really grinds my gears and is an embarrassment to herself and anyone that was her friend. Seriously. You can count this as your first warning, so if you've read this and call me Annie, I might answer you with a slap. Just sayin'.

Hope that you've had a glorious weekend! I'm off to celebrate one of my bestie's birthdays with brunch and ceramic painting! I'll be sure to post about our creative endeavors and how my finished product turns out!

UPDATE: I was reminded that I have one more nickname...Banana. The only person that calls me that has her own nickname since Ashley is so popular. Ashley got her nickname of Intense because when I first met her, I said, "Intense." She responded with "Like the circus?" I died laughing, so all she could be after that is Intense.

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