Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 23: Favorite Vacation

So, I have blogged about places that I've been to and my favorite cities, so you've basically followed along with me on these vacations.

Instead, I'm going to blog about what I would consider makes up a perfect vacation. It's so much easier that way...

(In case you haven't figured this out, I like lists.)
  1. Laughter. A MUST for any trip....and life really.
  2. Camera to capture the sights and people.
  3. Friends and/or family. They make it so much fun!
  4. Preferably some form of beach. Even if it's a pool in Vegas.
  5. All-inclusive preferred.
  6. A place that I can cook for everyone. (I prefer a house over a hotel room.)
  7. Unique activities.
  8. Finding a locals hangout.
  9. Enjoying/trying the local cuisine.
  10. Picking up a little souvenir to remind me of the trip.
I know that this is kind of a half ass list, but I have a full day and will be off the grid while fuldilling my courtroom deputy duties this morning. After work, I have a dinner meeting, so I'll be tied up then. In between is work, and I can never tell how that will go.

Hope you are all having a fantastic Wednesday and are blogging up a storm yourself!

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