Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 30: Pictures

It's the last day of the challenge! Whew!

In parting, I'm going to just post some of my favorite pictures of all time....ones that I've taken...there are so many great photos out there, but really, these are the moments that make my memories. I hope that you have enjoyed my 30-day challenge and have gotten to know me as a person and blogger better.

Oh college... 
Final pref night of my senior year

My Gram and Papa

Love this picture.
GREAT Googly moogly!!

Sunshine in Seattle

Good times, good drinks, good friends

Just dance

Crashing in the bed in Vegas

Awkward photo for Katie and I

Best awkwardness...
Denver the wind...

Good times at weddings
The memorial at the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City

Yes, that's a goat. Yes, that's a bride.

Friendships that last decades.

Friendships that last miles apart

That's my dot! Yes, that's her wedding dress.

Never without my pearls
Herve Leger. Say it with me.

Dancing doggies and prancing princesses.

Getting my art on with friends...and wine...

Precious moments

New baby puppies that are smaller than my grande!

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