Monday, November 1, 2010

October 32nd

Seriously, I type in the date at work no less than 30 times a day. Yet, at least 10 of those times, I started to type "10/32/10". No joke. I'm that awesome.

Another part of October 32nd celebrations in my world today is that I am changing my blog over to something of the Thanksgiving variety!! It's that time of year where all of my favorite holidays string together in a short time frame full of parties, decorating, and holiday cheer (read: weight gain)!!

And last note of the day, and because I need an appropriate forum to vent.

(Twitter limits me to 140 characters and facebook will get this anyway.)

I really hate when I put a coat of clear nail polish/thickener on and it bubble over where I have less than manicured nails. THEN, the little bubbles pop and get dirt or gunk in them, then it looks like I have a ton of blackheads on my nails. GROSS.

Vent over.

Oh, and a little Halloween cheer for you!!
Little Dorothy Gail!

Costume recycled from high school. I rock at going green.

Whitney may have drawn inspiration from all the tours he's been on

All of the magical potions that we enjoyed...


  1. love your halloween post! Thanks for commenting on Sorostitute Stories, I'm now a big fan of your post-grad writing :) were you greek?!

  2. Yes! You're greek for college gets better because there's Junior League. It's like the pros for minor league sororities.