Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So What Wednesday

Another edition of So What Wednesday with Shannon at Life After I Dew.

SO WHAT if...

  • I had an excuse to be a homebody this weekend and I took it? I couldn't take the chance to get stuck somewhere.
  • I ended up with near cabin fever from said homebody weekend? I did't leave my apartment for over 36 hours. Ugh.
  • I am packing a non-carry-on size bag PLUS my carry-on sized Vera for six days in Colorado? The Vera is deceptive in its size, but I plan on bringing my winter gear back with me, so I need some space for scarves, gloves, hats, Uggs, and coats.Oh, and I'm a girl. Duh.
  • The only thing that is going to get me to put my laundry away is because I have to pack? I want some of the clothes that I know is at the bottom of the laundry basket.
  • I cannot wait to iron? Because I have left clothes in a laundry basket, you can imagine there are some wrinkles that won't fall out with hanging.
  • I haven't really told anyone that I'm going to Denver? (Well, I guess this serves as telling people...if they read it.) Last time I went back to Colorado, I was programmed from the time I landed until the time I took off. It was exhausting.
  • My plans entail sun, sushi, and laughter? Basically, I want some color, some descent sushi, and to see people that make me laugh. I don't want to have to be entertaining people that annoy me.

Friday, August 26, 2011

When Cleaning is Prosperous

Aside from the obvious of having a clean, dust free, grime free home, there are some perks when you're cleaning, doing laundry or putting things away. It's made sweeter when you find cash in a pocket of a jacket from last time you wore it, there's that ticket stub to a first date in the pocket of your jeans. For me? It's the gift cards I find in purses.

I found a Saks Fifth Avenue gift card worth $50, a Pottery Barn gift card worth $25, a Panera Bread gift card worth $15, and a Macy's gift card worth $10.

Naturally, I get to thinking of all the things I want, nay NEED, from these retailers. OK, well Panera not so much because it's a Celiac's nightmare. (That was gifted to my coworker.) I started with browsing the sites to see what was on sale, had free shipping or caught my eye.

And then, I got serious.

I have found that I can earn Delta SkyMiles through a partner site called SkyMiles Shopping. It's like eBates where you access an online retailer through their site to earn miles. For example, I was looking at getting a pair of Hunter Huntress Black Gloss boots for the winter. By typing that into the search frame, they found me retailers that had the boots. The comparison comes in miles/dollar spent and the awesome freebies they throw in, too.

To start, I ordered the Hunter boots from because they offer a whopping 6 miles/dollar and free shipping! Score!
The glossy finish reminds me of patent black.
Next, I needed to get liners because I want to morph these cuties into my winter shoe as well. I have heard that New England winters are wet and cold, not like Colorado where a pair of Uggs gets you through the cold. (Side note: Denver does not have a really snowy winter. Yes, it snows, but it's not like the mountains and you can really get away with Uggs since you're not tromping through slush all the time.)

Enter the Saks gift card.
I love the ivory against the glossy black. The sweater weave also makes it look so cozy!
Next, I thought of what I could get from Pottery Barn. I settled on a silver-plated nesting bowl. Since my gift card covered monogramming, naturally I threw that in. (I got the small bowl for sink side in the bathroom for jewelry.)

I wasn't a fan of my monogram in the available fonts, so I opted for the "A".
I am saving my Macy's card for real-life shopping tomorrow because I have a coupon. That will be a surprise to see what I come home with!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Retail Therapy - Online Edition

Ok, I see the irony in that this is a blog that is online and I titled the post "Online", but it's more that I'm online shopping. Get it? Over explained and the joke is gone? Moving on.

First, let me remove my foot from my mouth. Back in October, I wrote a post about Vera Bradley. I needed a prep to break down the obsession with her quilted print. When I was in the store to pick out my mom's Hipster in Java Blue, I was completely overwhelmed. There was so much print, so many colors, all crammed in a dark cubbie display...ahhh...I get the shakes thinking about it. Well, last week I went into my new favorite shop in Old Town Alexandria called 3 Sisters. They have lots of Vera pieces, but they are were displayed throughout the store and their main Vera display was open and light. I was able to process the sights, patterns, and objectively look at the pieces. Well, let's just say I drank the Vera kool-aid.

The Grand Traveler in Baroque
21" x 14½" x 9½" with 7" strap drop and 52½" removable strap
The short straps are long enough to sling over your shoulders, the shoulder strap is a bonus. The front flap is magnetic with two pockets underneath. On the back side, there's an additional two pockets with an opening to strap to your rolling luggage. On the inside, there's four deep pockets and a solid bottom that holds the bag open. Just so you have an idea of it's size: my cowboy boots fit standing up and my size ten covers half of the bottom. HUGE, but not massive. It still fits in overhead compartments where rolling luggage doesn't fit.

Now, for my second dose, I see that there are sale items and I need some cosmetic bags...clearly.

Here's what I found:

Jewelry Box in Hope Garden

Large Cosmetic in Peacock

Zip-Around Wallet in Hop Garden
And...for TSA...the Transparent Travel Pouch in Viva la Vera

Next, I'm going to show you the awesomeness from Sephora:
OPI Urban Ballerina.
Love this collection, neutrals with some pop of color.

Sephora Collection Tourmaline flat iron
Since my Chi's plug is held together with tape.

Philosophy Purity facial cleanser
Travel size for all my travels

Clarins Self-Tanning Gel
To cover the lines and give a little glow

Granted, since these were all online, I have to wait for shipping. So naturally, I'm going to get anxious waiting for these two shipments to arrive!

Speaking of, while I was in Texas, I had a couple of other packages from another online shopping spree.

I got a gorge bandeau bikini from Lands End in's a little nautical and I totally love it. I would post a pic, but can't find one I can swipe.  Oh, and it's on sale!

Also, I found some Broncos gear for this season!!

The 75% of the Earth is covered by water, the rest is covered by Champ Bailey.

There will be no doubt of my team with this orange and navy number!

I already have my eyes on some pieces for fall, but that's a whole other post to dream, drool, and shop for!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So What Wednesday

Another installation of So What Wednesday.

So WHAT if...
  • I survived an earthquake? I was nauseous and walked home. NBD.(You can read more about it here.)
  • I have a movie marathon this weekend? Apparently, Irene is supposed to rear her ugly head in the area on Saturday or Sunday, so looks like I will finally get caught up on The Help, The Change-Up, and Horrible Bosses.
  • I'm behind in my new releases? At least I've seen Harry Potter.
  • I am calling David's Bridal regularly? I'm not the bride, but if I have to stand in front of everyone and take pictures, I'm going to have a dress. 
  • I questioned David's business practices because I find it odd that it is taking more than 16 weeks to get a stupid eggplant purple Grecian-looking gown in from the "Orient". (Manager's word, not mine.)
  • I am beyond devastated that I cracked and chipped my Maui Jim lenses. I have had these for less than 3 weeks and I dropped them. The good news is I can replace the lens since they're not prescription, but it will cost $60 plus shipping and handling.
  • I live with the crack for the next week or so? The lag time to get them back would be while I'm in Denver, so I will have them sent off before I leave for Texas.
  • If H&M didn't check the purse before I bought it? Granted, I didn't check the inside,either but when I went to changeover, I found a ring and some bracelets in there. The ring is too small for me and the bracelets are not my jam, but that's H&M's fault, not mine.
  • I went to Chipotle two days in a row and sat in the same park? It's gorgeous out and I'm soaking it in while I can!
  • I secretly envied the people allowed to telework today? We were given permission if transportation or commuting to the office would be cumbersome. Well, since I walked home, I guess that means I can make it in.
  • I was thinking that I could hashtag all of these So What's? I mean, all of them would get #firstworldproblem or #yesimwaspy.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Deep In the Heart of Texas

So, I went to Texas. I got some Freebird, some Mexican food. I got to see a couple of friends I haven't seen in a year, got to kick up my boots.

It wasn't the greatest of weekends and I came to work on Monday with about 5 hours of sleep in the previous 48 hours. I spent an extra 3 hours sitting on a plane because of flight delays. Basically, yesterday was miserable and I went to bed before 7:00pm.

I'm glad I'm back to real life. I'm glad I'm back in the District.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So What Wednesday

Linking up with Shannon at Life After I Dew for an installment of So What Wendesday after a little hiatus.

So WHAT if...
  • I haven't edited or uploaded pictures from vacation? I want to relive it, but I'm a little angry at the peeling on my shoulders, so let's not go there.
  • I want to go there? I know that a side effect of a sunburn is peeling, but how many layers of skin must my shoulders slough off? I'm only mildly losing my tan, but it's DISGUSTING.
  • I am going out of town again? I'm headed to Houston on Friday for a weekend to kick up my boots and celebrate my cousin Lauren's bachelorette! 
  • I'm really excited to wear my boots? Like, going to wear them on the plane excited.
  • I'm actually practical about wearing my boots on the plane? It saves packing space.
  • I'm an expert at removing my boots so security won't be a problem? Don't wear it if you can't make it through security is my approach to travel.
  • I turned my post from vacation into cowboy boots? They are pink.

See? Perfection! Oh, and this is "Nashville" treatment from Instagram. It's like it's meant to be.

Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm Back! Missed You. Mean It.

A little blog-cation happened for the past two weeks due to two trips.

Now, some of you may be a tad jealous, but let me assure you: You should be.

Not only have I racked up some serious airline miles, I have managed to read several books, laugh so hard I cried, eat my way through two cities, get a rocking tan, have time away from the office, and generally recharge my batteries.

What I have coming back is a whole five-day work week. Le sigh. I know. But when you're schedule was all over the place for the last six weeks and two of those were not in your own city, having five straight says seems daunting...since it doesn't involve my toes in the water and my ass in the sand.

I will do a whole trip post about my vacation when I get to editing all 215 pictures, but for now, here's my vacation by the numbers.

4,048 - the number of miles earned round trip from DC, coincidentally close (under) to the number of calories I consumed each day
5 - the number of nights sleeping with the flimsiest pillow
5 - the number of Starbuck runs in the morning
5 - the number of afternoon snacks
2 - the number of trips to Thai Elephant
25 - the amount I spent at Charming Charlie's (love the organization by color)
71 - the amount of money allowed for my per diem
20 - the amount I spent on average of my per diem
14 - the number of Firefly Arnold Palmers I drank.(Sweet tea vodka and lemonade)
3 - the number of relatives that I saw while in town
2 - the number of flights that I had to change to get home on time to leave for vacation
3 - the number of hours gained by leaving earlier
43 - the weight of my carry-on sized bag

1,038 - the number of miles earned round trip from DC
3 - the number of hard alcohol purchased
6 - the number of cases of beer
4 - the number of bottles of wine
2 - the age that my friend's son turned
7 - the number of days spent in/on/around water and the beach
2 - the number of alligators in the pond next to the house
1 - the number of epic thunderstorms we witnessed
48.5 - the weight of my luggage
70 - the number of SPF used on my face
30 - the number of SPF I should have used more of
15 - the number of SPF I played a little fast and loose with the first days
1 - the number (out of 7) games of cornhole I won

I will have more on Fripp with pictures and a recap of the week with my friend and her family. In the mean time, I will be on a detox that will hopefully squeeze me like Violet Beauregard and get me back to normal.