Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So What Wednesday

Another installation of So What Wednesday.

So WHAT if...
  • I survived an earthquake? I was nauseous and walked home. NBD.(You can read more about it here.)
  • I have a movie marathon this weekend? Apparently, Irene is supposed to rear her ugly head in the area on Saturday or Sunday, so looks like I will finally get caught up on The Help, The Change-Up, and Horrible Bosses.
  • I'm behind in my new releases? At least I've seen Harry Potter.
  • I am calling David's Bridal regularly? I'm not the bride, but if I have to stand in front of everyone and take pictures, I'm going to have a dress. 
  • I questioned David's business practices because I find it odd that it is taking more than 16 weeks to get a stupid eggplant purple Grecian-looking gown in from the "Orient". (Manager's word, not mine.)
  • I am beyond devastated that I cracked and chipped my Maui Jim lenses. I have had these for less than 3 weeks and I dropped them. The good news is I can replace the lens since they're not prescription, but it will cost $60 plus shipping and handling.
  • I live with the crack for the next week or so? The lag time to get them back would be while I'm in Denver, so I will have them sent off before I leave for Texas.
  • If H&M didn't check the purse before I bought it? Granted, I didn't check the inside,either but when I went to changeover, I found a ring and some bracelets in there. The ring is too small for me and the bracelets are not my jam, but that's H&M's fault, not mine.
  • I went to Chipotle two days in a row and sat in the same park? It's gorgeous out and I'm soaking it in while I can!
  • I secretly envied the people allowed to telework today? We were given permission if transportation or commuting to the office would be cumbersome. Well, since I walked home, I guess that means I can make it in.
  • I was thinking that I could hashtag all of these So What's? I mean, all of them would get #firstworldproblem or #yesimwaspy.


  1. OH Chipotle, how I miss thee. Seriously! They are building one relatively close to us country folk and it's taking FOR-EVER, in the words of Katherine Hiegel in Knocked Up, "just do it already!"

  2. eeek! Stay safe with Irene! I'm in Florida and praying she doesn't come my way!

  3. Omigosh, I would have freaked out if I had accidentally took home a bracelet and ring from H&M without knowing!! but you're right, it's not your fault! Too bad they don't work for you :-( Chipotle in the park sounds heavenly!