Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So What Wednesday

Another edition of So What Wednesday with Shannon at Life After I Dew.

SO WHAT if...

  • I had an excuse to be a homebody this weekend and I took it? I couldn't take the chance to get stuck somewhere.
  • I ended up with near cabin fever from said homebody weekend? I did't leave my apartment for over 36 hours. Ugh.
  • I am packing a non-carry-on size bag PLUS my carry-on sized Vera for six days in Colorado? The Vera is deceptive in its size, but I plan on bringing my winter gear back with me, so I need some space for scarves, gloves, hats, Uggs, and coats.Oh, and I'm a girl. Duh.
  • The only thing that is going to get me to put my laundry away is because I have to pack? I want some of the clothes that I know is at the bottom of the laundry basket.
  • I cannot wait to iron? Because I have left clothes in a laundry basket, you can imagine there are some wrinkles that won't fall out with hanging.
  • I haven't really told anyone that I'm going to Denver? (Well, I guess this serves as telling people...if they read it.) Last time I went back to Colorado, I was programmed from the time I landed until the time I took off. It was exhausting.
  • My plans entail sun, sushi, and laughter? Basically, I want some color, some descent sushi, and to see people that make me laugh. I don't want to have to be entertaining people that annoy me.


  1. Have a FABULOUS time going back to Denver!! I'm like that way sometimes too when I travel back to Kansas-- I like to keep it on the downlow. There are just a select few people that I REALLY want to see and I"ve spent way too many trips being miserably pulled in too many directions. 6 days. Awesome! When do you leave?

  2. i am the same way with packing and laundry. there is NOTHING that motivates me!