Friday, August 26, 2011

When Cleaning is Prosperous

Aside from the obvious of having a clean, dust free, grime free home, there are some perks when you're cleaning, doing laundry or putting things away. It's made sweeter when you find cash in a pocket of a jacket from last time you wore it, there's that ticket stub to a first date in the pocket of your jeans. For me? It's the gift cards I find in purses.

I found a Saks Fifth Avenue gift card worth $50, a Pottery Barn gift card worth $25, a Panera Bread gift card worth $15, and a Macy's gift card worth $10.

Naturally, I get to thinking of all the things I want, nay NEED, from these retailers. OK, well Panera not so much because it's a Celiac's nightmare. (That was gifted to my coworker.) I started with browsing the sites to see what was on sale, had free shipping or caught my eye.

And then, I got serious.

I have found that I can earn Delta SkyMiles through a partner site called SkyMiles Shopping. It's like eBates where you access an online retailer through their site to earn miles. For example, I was looking at getting a pair of Hunter Huntress Black Gloss boots for the winter. By typing that into the search frame, they found me retailers that had the boots. The comparison comes in miles/dollar spent and the awesome freebies they throw in, too.

To start, I ordered the Hunter boots from because they offer a whopping 6 miles/dollar and free shipping! Score!
The glossy finish reminds me of patent black.
Next, I needed to get liners because I want to morph these cuties into my winter shoe as well. I have heard that New England winters are wet and cold, not like Colorado where a pair of Uggs gets you through the cold. (Side note: Denver does not have a really snowy winter. Yes, it snows, but it's not like the mountains and you can really get away with Uggs since you're not tromping through slush all the time.)

Enter the Saks gift card.
I love the ivory against the glossy black. The sweater weave also makes it look so cozy!
Next, I thought of what I could get from Pottery Barn. I settled on a silver-plated nesting bowl. Since my gift card covered monogramming, naturally I threw that in. (I got the small bowl for sink side in the bathroom for jewelry.)

I wasn't a fan of my monogram in the available fonts, so I opted for the "A".
I am saving my Macy's card for real-life shopping tomorrow because I have a coupon. That will be a surprise to see what I come home with!


  1. I have those ivory wellie socks. Love Hunters are red!

  2. Love the boots and liner combo. I good naturedly teased MVP about cleaning up the crazy pile of papers and mail that had amassed on his dining room table. He did it the other night before I got there and found A HUNDRED DOLLARS. Hopefully that will be reason enough to get him to clean again someday :)

  3. Love your new Hunters!! I got two pairs of socks for mine this summer so I can't wait for it to get cold so that I can get all snuggly with mine!! :-) What great scores you got from finding those cards!!