Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I have a fever. That fever is for the Olympics and Team USA. This fever is only going to get worse over the next 60 days.

Yes, the Opening Ceremonies are July 27 and I'm ready for them.

In anticipation (and fueled by his Vogue cover), I stalked Ryan Lochte on the Team USA page for NBC Sports. Which led to the stalking of the other Team USA athletes.

Here's what I've found in the hot factor for Team USA. Talk about being patri-HOT-tic.

You're welcome.

Ryan Lochte, Swimmer via NBC Sports
Soren Thompson, Fencing via NBC Sports
Merrill Moses, Water Polo via NBC Sports
John Isner, Tennis via NBC Sports
There are many more, but they don't photograph well slash I'm just trying to get this post out without drooling over my keyboard.

God bless America for these gifts we will receive in 60 days.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day

No matter what you do this weekend, remember that the reason for your three-day weekend is to honor the service men & women and their families for the service and sacrifices. In all measures.

For my friends and family who serve and had served, THANK YOU.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Through my trusty all-things-blogging source of Shannon at Life After I "Dew", I found this little link up hosted by Jenn and honestly, it puts my post into categories. Love it. See also: lazy.

Current Book(s):
Right meow, I'm reading Fall of Giants by Ken Follett. It's historical fiction about World War I. I need to look at wikipedia while I read to follow along in the geography, but I like it. I might switch over to Jeneration X for the holiday weekend because it's not as depressing as war.  Oh, and you know, I'm thisclose to being BFFs with Jen Lancaster.

Exhibit A
Current Playlist:
Aside from the obvious Pandora usage, my "playlist" that I'm listening to is the last five songs I downloaded from iTunes. I have no shame.

  1. Dancing On My Own - Robyn
  2. Boyfriend - Justin Bieber
  3. Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen
  4. Somebody I Used to Know - Gotye
  5. Springsteen - Eric Church
Current Color:
Since I'm obsessed with getting settled into the new place, I am getting my colors together for window/exterior door coverings (I'll explain later) and paint. Here's Colorado Gray that I was talking about yesterday:

Current Food:
Since having frosting for dinner was such a big hit with people, I'm going to let you in on my favorite jars since of course my mom's homemade (gluten-filled) is clearly the best, but unattainable.
Current Favorite Shows:
Love me some GCB, but since they've cancelled it, I'm going with my good ol' standby of Real Housewives. All of them.

Current Needs:
Of course I would prefer to have no needs, but really, I need the a trip to a beach all-inclusive and all expenses paid.

Current Banes of Existence:
The alarm. Really, getting up at a certain time is a pain in my ass.

Current Celebrity Crush:
Christian Grey? You're welcome.
Current #1 Blessing
Everything. Let's be honest. Everything I ever complain about is a #firstworldproblem.

Current Indulgence:
See "Current Food". 'Nuff said.

Current Outfit:
Leggings, t-shirt, wrap. Don't worry, I have a skirt for when I see the boss.

Current Excitement:
Chicago! Next weekend, I'm off to the Second City to see and celebrate the impending nuptials of one of my best friends, Kristin!! Bachelorette party mode.

Current Mood:
Motivated. I need this day to chug along. I've got lots I want to do that does NOT involve working.

Current Favorite Quote:

Current Wish List Item:
Interior Decorator. I mean, I'm all for being crafty, upcycling, and DIYing, but damn, I sometimes I wish someone would do it for me.

Current Favorite Product:
If your thighs clap for you while running and you live in a place where the humidity is so thick you don't sweat, you're soaked, then this, my friend, is your new best friend. No baby powder, no shorts under dresses, just some Body Glide to keep you from heat rash and chaffing.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

So What Wednesday

It's Wednesday and it's time for another round of SO WHATS!

So WHAT if...

  • I had frosting for dinner? I'm a grown-up and that's all I had the capacity for at 10:30pm after working all day.
  • I worked from 7:30am - 10:00pm on Monday? I picked up some shifts at my yoga studio Tranquil Space. I love it there. As I told you here. (Yeah, another SWW post - Namaste Edition.)
  • I'm already packing for my move in three weeks? It's never too early to get ready for a move because it's less to do all at once.
  • I'm beyond excited to take what was the bachelor pad of an apartment and turn it into an LC & Ana shabby chic abode? It's in need of some TLC.
  • I picked my paint color for my bedroom on two things? 1) I wanted a shade of grey (don't read into that, it's just what matches white and eggplant purple) and 2) the suggested color from Benjamin Moore to compliment the neutral color was Colorado Gray. It was a sign.
  • I finally took care of a 5 year old 401(k)? Yeah, I left the company over 5 years ago, but it was still earning money and I didn't really have a need to draw from it.
  • I was 23 when I started that 401(k)? It's never too early to plan your retirement since I don't want to be 80 and working.
  • I'm trying earnestly to finish Fall of Giants? I trade off on heavy read/light read and right now, I need some levity because it's all about WWI. And not in the whimsy Downton Abbey way.
  • I miss Downton Abbey to the point of thinking to order seasons one and two on DVD? It supports my local PBS.
  • It's a holiday weekend but I'm working all but Saturday? Granted, it's short shifts on Sunday and Monday, but people have to get their yoga on.
Go link up with Shannon at Life After I "Dew" and say your SO WHATS!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So What Wednesday

Linking up after a little hiatus with Mrs. Dew at Life After I "Dew" for a little So Whatting...

So WHAT if...

  • I took a hiatus. I mean, really, it's been hard to focus on...oh! something shiny!...what was I saying?
  • I am back because I got called out by my cupcake kindred spirit Caitlyn? She sees these So Whats as a herald to the weekend and we all know that sometimes it's the little things that get us through the week.
  • I am obsessed with acquiring a house on Chesapeake Bay? Legit straight out of Wedding Crashers. I know that it was filmed there, but damn, crab cakes and football IS what Maryland does. (Or in my case, crabs and dock-side sitting.)
  • The only way I could get through my Google Reader was marking all as read? Sometimes, I can't get through everything and, let's be honest, all 500+ posts I was behind on are not all that captivating.
  • I clearly wasn't talking about you, reader of my blog? I mean, of course I read every one of your posts regularly, even though I sometimes am left speechless as to comments.
  • I read over 1200 pages in less than a week? Thanks to the Fifty Shades series, I had to read it. If you're reading this and we're related by blood or marriage, please never acknowledge that you know that I read these or tell me that you have even looked at the synopsis. If we aren't related in any way, READ THEM. You're welcome.
  • I am beyond excited to move in a month? I know, it's moving and it will suck big time and I will complain, but the place is amazing and I get my bed of awesome from Colorado.
Go link up with Shannon at Life After I "Dew" and say your So Whats!