Wednesday, February 15, 2012

So What Wednesday - Namaste Edition

I'm back! This week for So What Wednesday, I'm linking up with Shannon at Life After I "Dew" and taking a yoga angle on it.

I have found a yoga studio that reminds me of Core Power in Denver, so now as I am about to move out of the neighborhood, I have found my namaste groove. What makes this post even better? SWW is all about ranting and yoga is all about centering oneself. Yin and yang. So with my clarity comes some rants that are naturally running through my head during downward facing dog.

So WHAT if...
  • I have just found a studio that I like? At least I found one to get back to the mat. Nothing is serenely amazing as an ass-kicking workout while you're meditating.
  • I spent some good money on headbands, a mat bag, and a big girl mat? My hair cannot touch my sweaty skin and bobbypins are not friendly for laying on, I needed a new mat bag because my new big girl mat is thicker and bigger than my yoga-for-beginners-with-alignment-lines mat.
  • My big girl mat smells a little and absorbs all my sweat? It's made of natural rubber and keeps me from needing a yogi towel. Also? My ass print is visible in it when I get up from final shavasana.
  • Nothing like your ass print to make you want to workout more.
  • I wish Lululemon Athletica were a publicly traded company? Everyone's ass I can see in class has their damn logo on it.
  • I am one of those asses? I get mine of sale and have yet to invest in tops, but you bet your bippy I've had to show restraint.
  • I am no master, but love that I can keep up? Even though it's been awhile since I've been on my mat, it all comes back naturally.
  • I get really irritated when novices plop next to me? I have a tough enough time with my own flow and balance, I don't need you cramping my style.
  • I think aspects of yoga are a little hokie? At the same time, I have cried at the end of a class with a lot of heart openers. My guess is that this has been worked on before.
  • I practice restraint of snarky comments on other yogis? I mean, leggings are not for practicing yoga. I know that they are stretchy and cotton, but they are see through. Like, see the pattern on your Wal-Mart undies see through.
  • I have scheduled my classes out for two weeks? When I find a teacher that I like and make time for it, I'm a little obsessive about yoga.
  • I decided to become a full-blown member to have my mat stored on site? Kind of awesome to not lug that sucker around on public transportation.
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  1. This made me want to take a yoga class! Haven't been able to fit one into my schedule in awhile. I am with you on Lululemon. It is a cult.

  2. Hmm you sorta made me want to give yoga a shot. Except I'm soo not flexible anymore. And I only wear $10 target yoga pants