Thursday, February 16, 2012


If you were my parent or roommate you might scoff at the idea of me and organization. Based solely on appearances, I might agree with you, but my life does have a high degree of organization. For example, my closet is organized by how often I wear types of clothes, i.e., work clothes are from and center, then it goes by type of clothing and further to color. All clothes will face and fold the same way, and I have all the of the same type of hanger.

For work life, I get to be completely and utterly organized. I get to make labels, alphabetize, color-coordinate, make spreadsheets, track things, create templates, order supplies, it's like my dream job - except it doesn't pay me enough to be flitting off to my own private island.

Which is fine.

For now.

But back to the organization.

I had to start from a weird place. I would say from the ground up, but really, there was some sort of organization here. And when I say organization, I mean I think that folders are stored in the order in which they were made. Because there is no alphanumeric pattern, chronological pattern, or subject-matter pattern that I can discern. Also? They print EVERYTHING. I mean, I'll keep it on my comp and if you want a hard copy, I'll make one, but why do I need a folder about emails back and forth about a party when I can go to the last email that has the entire string?

Moving on.

So, I have started my project and have made some descent headway. I don't know if I'll ever be done based on the new things that I find regularly, but at least it's something to keep my hands from being idle and the social media's playground...

Speaking of...back to work!

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  1. I love organizing things! Our files at home were messed up, so before G was born I pulled everything out and re-did it. It was a blast! Label making, paper shredding...