Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm Back! Missed You. Mean It.

A little blog-cation happened for the past two weeks due to two trips.

Now, some of you may be a tad jealous, but let me assure you: You should be.

Not only have I racked up some serious airline miles, I have managed to read several books, laugh so hard I cried, eat my way through two cities, get a rocking tan, have time away from the office, and generally recharge my batteries.

What I have coming back is a whole five-day work week. Le sigh. I know. But when you're schedule was all over the place for the last six weeks and two of those were not in your own city, having five straight says seems daunting...since it doesn't involve my toes in the water and my ass in the sand.

I will do a whole trip post about my vacation when I get to editing all 215 pictures, but for now, here's my vacation by the numbers.

4,048 - the number of miles earned round trip from DC, coincidentally close (under) to the number of calories I consumed each day
5 - the number of nights sleeping with the flimsiest pillow
5 - the number of Starbuck runs in the morning
5 - the number of afternoon snacks
2 - the number of trips to Thai Elephant
25 - the amount I spent at Charming Charlie's (love the organization by color)
71 - the amount of money allowed for my per diem
20 - the amount I spent on average of my per diem
14 - the number of Firefly Arnold Palmers I drank.(Sweet tea vodka and lemonade)
3 - the number of relatives that I saw while in town
2 - the number of flights that I had to change to get home on time to leave for vacation
3 - the number of hours gained by leaving earlier
43 - the weight of my carry-on sized bag

1,038 - the number of miles earned round trip from DC
3 - the number of hard alcohol purchased
6 - the number of cases of beer
4 - the number of bottles of wine
2 - the age that my friend's son turned
7 - the number of days spent in/on/around water and the beach
2 - the number of alligators in the pond next to the house
1 - the number of epic thunderstorms we witnessed
48.5 - the weight of my luggage
70 - the number of SPF used on my face
30 - the number of SPF I should have used more of
15 - the number of SPF I played a little fast and loose with the first days
1 - the number (out of 7) games of cornhole I won

I will have more on Fripp with pictures and a recap of the week with my friend and her family. In the mean time, I will be on a detox that will hopefully squeeze me like Violet Beauregard and get me back to normal.

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  1. love the name of your blog! it drew me right in : ) i'm your newest follower


    have a great weekend!