Sunday, July 24, 2011

Observations On a Plane

I guess I should start with getting a pat-down as I came through security. I went through the new fangled machine. The rivets and bling on my jeans, the sequins on my t-shirt and bra apparently warranted a pat-down. So TSA got to feel up my T, S, and A. (S being for stomach.) I feel like we should of at least introduced ourselves, hugged it out, but something more than swiping my hands for explosives.

Now, onto my flight:

I have perplexing row mates on my flight to Minneapolis. First, it's a little boy and an adult man. They look alike, but I'm not sure how they're related - brothers, cousins, father/son. I can't tell their relationship because the only words they've spoken were their drink orders to the flight attendant.

They both spent the time on the ramp and in flight sitting with arms crossed, staring forward. The shade on the window was drawn by the time I took the aisle seat.

It wasn't until I took out my iPod, well after the 10,000 feet announcement, that the little boy took out his iPod. When the drinks were served, he was excited to have cookies.

What really struck me, after surmising perhaps there's a fear of flight, was when the adult opened the shade to peer out, the boy lit up and strained to see out the window. There was something in his body language that he was excited to see out the window.

Overall, the whole situation is odd. I really want to know how they are related and what their deal is. It's borderline creepy.

On another front, I'm sitting across from a 'tween hipster who has her leggings tucked into her white socks and floral print tennis that clash horribly with her floral print top. I can't handle the hipster movement.

Also, I'm sitting behind a satanic sounding cougher who has also carried aboard a full size afghan. Apparently, she's trying to hold back another demonic cold.

And one last thing: I would really appreciate of you didn't blatantly disregard the carry-on policy, fellow travelers. I get it. You have a purse, a laptop, a rollaboard. But if you put the purse and laptop under your seat, I take no issue with your rollaboard in the overhead. However, I take HUGE issue when two of you have TWO backpacks PLUS a rollaboard EACH in the BULKHEAD. In the age where almost every airline charges for checked baggage, I get that you're being thrifty. However, you need to realize that we all have to share the space, so don't be a doucher and take up more than your fair share. Take advantage of the free gate check to your destination. Buck up and pay to check your bag. Or here's a novel idea: don't pack so much.


  1. Haha, yes! I don't understand people who pack all the ish then expect it all to fit in the overhead compartments!
    I freaking HATE getting felt up by the TSA. And then they send you on your way without even so much as a kiss on the cheek?! I don't know about you but I don't typically let anyone get to first base with me that easily... fools.

  2. I would have been trying to figure out that relationship between that boy and man too! Amen to checking the bags. I hate flying with sick people, I feel like you can catch it faster.

  3. Or fly southwest and were there is no baggage fee! I think the airport is the best place to watch people. I fly often for work and wonder what the heck compells people to do stupid shit!

  4. OMG, biggest pet peeve EVER. I just don't understand people: you've already spend a couple hundred bucks on a plane ticket. Suck it up, spend another $30, and check your fucking luggage. Spare me not only the hassle of going through security behind you and your toothpaste, but also the frustration of your fellow fliers who watch you try to jam an obviously too large bag into the overhead bin.