Friday, July 15, 2011

Frippin' Friday

A non-So What Wednesday post?! A timely post about something rather than a week late?!



But yes, I have been struck with some blog-speration.

First, can I get an AMEN that it's FRIDAY?! Seriously, it's a four-day work week and I'm struggling. I can't imagine having to work five whole days. (Which doesn't happen until the second week of August.)

I find it hard to focus on "real life" when I have the next trip on the brain. I plan on getting out of the city to get some retail therapy, but it's just for perusal, not a purchase. But I do love shopping. Just in general. My next trip will be to Phoenix. In the heat of summer. Pun intended. As soon as I get back (literally, land at midnight and come back for a noon flight) I'm off to Fripp Island, SC and I cannot wait!

The week in Fripp will be with my friend and her family on a cute little island where there are no cars. The house comes with two golf carts, so we'll be tooling around the island, but really, I'll be walking from the house to the beach to the house to the pool to the house. If I get a stitch of makeup on my face that week it will be the one night we go into town for dinner.

On a related note, I really don't like my monogram. I mean, I like my initials AMO, but when getting my monogram with my last initial bigger, it's eh. How do I know this? I have a little trick up my sleeve as a souvenir to bring for my fellow house guests in Fripp. It does include the South Carolina flag and monogramming, so I'll share when I get them in. I have total vacation brain since I received the email that they were shipped.

Can I tell you that I also have my packing list started? I figure that I'm going to need to remember a lot for a week on the beach that I have to keep things together. I may have also started to set things aside for packing. Speaking of, my dad also bestowed upon me a backpack slash cooler. The top has a lot of pockets and big space for sunscreen, snacks, towels, random other things. Then in the bottom pocket is a waterproof and insulated for 10 cans! (Of soda, Dad...not adult beverages, of course. I mean...errr....)

Hope that you all had a great week and are gearing up for a fun summer weekend!!


  1. That Fripp vacation sounds amazing. Take me with you! haha :) Enjoy!

  2. Long time NO talk! Miss you Ana!
    Fripp Island... I LOVE that place! Have fun & take pictures! :)