Wednesday, July 6, 2011

So What Wednesday

It's that one day a week where you are semi-guaranteed to have a post from me when I link up with Shannon at L.A.I.D. for So What Wednesday.

So WHAT if...

  • I haven't posted about the epic fireworks from July 4th in the nation's capital? I didn't get home until 10:30pm that night after walking the 2 miles from the Mall. I was tired.
  • I went to the Cubbies game last night at Nationals Park? Another contributing factor to the lack of fireworks posting was that I went from work to the game and again didn't get home until late, so there you have it.
  • I have yet to pack for Michigan this weekend? Now, I know it seems like I have plenty of time before the weekend, but I'm leaving from work tomorrow and guess what? I have dinner plans tonight.
  • I may be skipping out on the aforementioned dinner plans so that I can pack and get my apartment visitor ready.
  • I am having a friend stay with me while I'm out of town? She's in town for work, so it's not like it's a trip to see me, but I still have to get the apartment clean and sheets changed so it looks like I have my life together.
  • I'm looking forward to hanging out in my dad's compound for four days? I will probably leave the house once in that span of time and the rest of it will be spent reading, napping, watching movies, hanging out at the fire pit, and napping.
  • I'm still bitter at my seventh grade English teacher *cough* Mrs. Clinton *cough* for counting my spelling test wrong because I didn't dot an i. Really? I went from perfect spelling to missing one because of a measly dot? I think me missing a dot is the least of your worries with other kids in the class struggling with there, they're, and their.
  • Speaking of which, I'm really peeved when people don't know the proper use of contractions? They're and you're should never have been invented or you have to pass an exam to use them. Get it right people.
  • I can't believe I'm still bitter about that spelling test something like 15 years later? It's an affront to my intelligence that a dot makes a word misspelled. Her reasoning defies logic and I cannot tolerate that.
  • I should really move on from the dotting of the i? And it's done.
Now, go link up with Shannon and say your own So WHAT!


  1. at least your teacher taught you, my 6th grade teacher was new and we were his first class, we learned NOTHING about english that year. I still don't know what a preposition is!

  2. I scrolled through a previous post to see if you mentioned where you were going in Michigan... and I have to admit, I actually know where Laingsburg is. That's only because I grew up in northern MI though. ;) Have a fun time in the Great Lakes state!

    p.s. I'd be super bitter about the spelling test too!

  3. your spelling test rant cracks me up. we had a teacher like that and i would go home and cry and my mother, trying to make things better, met with the teacher to share the fact that i wasn't sleeping and was so upset about her class that i had nightmares.
    instead of making things better it only made it worse - the teacher would actually tell the class "well lmcbw goes home and has nightmares about this class - is she the only one?" - needless to say my parents were nonplussed, but she was a tenured faculty member. if i ever see her at church she gets the stink eye. big time.