Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Celebrating 'Merica

I think everyone deserves a birthday week, so why not celebrate America's 235th birthday for a solid week? That, and it makes me look like I'm on top of posting about the Fourth of July. Speaking of, head over to Adventures in the District to hear about my celebrations in DC for Independence Day. (You can right-click on the link and open in a new tab or window to read once you've read this gem.)

My dad lives in the country outside Lansing, Michigan, so he has some space and understanding neighbors that will let him shoot off some serious fireworks. I'm not kidding when I say serious. Like, have to have a permit serious. Like, have to get it from a supplier, not some tent on the side of the road serious.

I teased about the fireworks a little from my mobile post over the weekend, but now that I have photographic evidence with residual hearing loss and light sensitivity to prove it.

Getting the mortars ready.

The artillery
See? I told you they were serious.

So. Freaking. Cool.








Red, white, and blue.

So bright


Minor grass fire from a tipped mortar.

The aftermath

Lots of itty bitty pieces of cardboard

Baby frog visitor
 So, on my way home, I had to take a shuttle from the airport to the train station. This sign was posted at the stop. I'm concerned. Seriously concerned.

Legit. You can't make this shizz up.

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  1. Okay, so color me confused. Does that mean that stop signs with OUT white borders ARE optional?