Wednesday, July 13, 2011

So What Wednesday

It's that time again where I link up with Shannon at L.A.I.D. and say SO WHAT.

So what if...

  • I have to write this post in my email? I have a new office and I'm not sure of the narc level that they may have on my "breaks".
  • I consider reading blogs/tweets/updates my break? It's healthier than cigarettes. Well, as healthy as stalking can get.
  • I was so super nervous to turn in my first synchronized work product? It's what I was brought here to do, but since this is my first foray, I was super nervous.
  • I am torn that I'm missing the Colorado monsoon in exchange for the sweat monsoon in DC? Apparently, Denver has had deluge thunderstorms for the past week or so. But that means that the temps aren't in the 90s. In DC, the heat index is in triple digits and that means that I'm still soaked by the time I get home.
  • I grossed you out at the thought of being soaked in sweat? If you've ever lived in a humid place for the summer, you can sympathize. Don't judge, Colorado.
  • I'm debating how early is too early to go to bed tonight? I need to finish my book, I have The Hunger Games to get through, then The Lost Symbol, then The Heroes of Olympus. Hopefully there will be some books for my trips to Phoenix and Fripp by the time they roll around. At this rate, I might actually have to buy books for my nook!
  • I love that I get to read more. I never thought of myself as a bookworm, but the nook and my library have made it so easy to get wrapped up in someone else's world.
  • I have brunch on the brain? I have been talking about brunch with bottomless mimosas and suddenly the weekend can't come fast enough.

Now, go link up with Shannon and say your own SO WHAT!


  1. stupid work. damn the man. someone just walked by my desk today and said "you know you're not supposed to be on the internet". buzz off! who are you?

  2. Totally not grossed out by being soaked in sweat. I completely understand!!

  3. so wait - you write your post in your email, email it to yourself and then post it later? interesting...