Saturday, July 23, 2011

Packing Light

It seems that I should really consider what "light" means. I'm proud that I have managed a carry-on and briefcase for my week-long trip to Arizona for work. I have managed to cram a week's worth of work clothes and after-work (read: shorts and t-shirts) clothes, five pairs of shoes, toiletries, cardigans, and workout clothes. Planning on the eventual sweat that happens in 105 degree desert heat, I clearly had to plan that I might not want to stretch the wears between laundry. (Aside from gym clothes. I feel bad for whomever is next to me in the hotel gym.)

Speaking of laundry, I'm proud that I have enough summer clothes for two weeks in super hot climates without having to do laundry. I would naturally just pack one suitcase and take it with me from Arizona to Fripp Island, but I don't have time nor the desire to do laundry wherever I might be able to for both trips. Whatever.

As for my trip to Fripp, I could probably pack in the same carry-on size luggage, but because I like to have options for beachwear as sometimes it's a dress situation, sometimes it's a short and tank situation. And sometimes it's a yoga pant situation. To be fair, even though I am using the largest of my three rolling bags, a third of that is going one-way with me. I will post more about why I have a third of my suitcase only going one-way, but that would give away surprises for my housemates!

But let's talk about this heat because I'm sure that no one has talked, tweeted, blogged, or ranted about how it's summer. I will say that the heat is a tad excessive for me and it's super muggy, but I will make it. I'll just be a sweaty, cranky mess. I've taken precautions to stay smell-free for my fellow public transportation users, I just hope they do the same. I can't believe that I am looking forward to Arizona at the end of July since it means tripe-digit temperatures, but since the humidity is <20%, it makes for a much more pleasant heat that let's your sweat evaporate as soon as it's on your skin. Not like DC where the air is already completely saturated with moisture so your sweat sticks to you and the only way to cool down is A/C or complete submersion in a pool.

I take off tomorrow morning and will probably have a twitter-spree of witty observations, so you can get mini-blogs from me in 140 characters or less here. Since I like to keep my tweets on lock, you'll have to request to follow me, but patience, young grasshopper.

Hope everyone is staying cool in this heat wave!

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