Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Caffeine Free

First, you might be thinking, "Yum! I love me some caffeine free soda!" Which I would hope is a Pepsi product as 28 years in a Pepsi household has taught me. (My mom has over 30 years with them.)

Anyway, that's not the point, although now that I think of it, I would like a soda.

Crap. I digressed again.

Moving on.

I have been caffeine free for a total of 36 hours. Which is a feat of epic proportions considering my love of soda, coffee, and Starbucks as a whole. But what is keeping me from my morning jolt and afternoon pick-me-up? A detox of sorts.

As you may have read before, I prefer naturopathic medicine. Meaning, I prefer to know the cause, not the treatment. My aches and pains I had before could be treated with a pill, but I wanted to see if something in my environment was laying me up. After a detox and finding out that I do not tolerate gluten well, my aches and pains have disappeared. I don't get sick as often or feel "under the weather." My body can do it's job as a well-oiled machine and not have devote all it's time to the clean up crew.

For a time now, I haven't been at my normal level that I felt after my first detox. Now, I could do another detox, that's true, but it spans about 6 weeks and requires no allergens which makes eating out nearly's like a vegan. Without soy. You do the menu planning. It's easier to stay home. However, I don't stay home. As evidence by my blog and absence from blogging.

What I consulted with my doctor on was eating to my body-type. What this means is that there are 4 body types for women and they are all based around a gland. When you over stimulate your predominate gland, you gain weight, feel crummy, and have cravings all the time. This is all based on the book called Dr. Abravanel's Body Type Diet and Lifetime Nutrition Plan by Dr. Eliot Abravanel. From the book, you are guided to determine your body type and given a plan for eating that basically lets your glands get back to normal through what you feed your body.

I am a T-type. And trust me, when I read the other types, I can relate some, but not for everything. When I read about the T-type, it is me. What this means is that caffeine, refined grains, and sugar. Refined grains are easy since I live gluten free. The sugar and the caffeine??? My life lines.

Now, that is also the crux of this whole thing. When you over stimulate, you get cravings for the things that push you over the edge. Vicious, delicious circle.

Long story even longer, I have cut out caffeine. No coffee, no soda. I have also cut out most sugar. There are some lingering sugars in foods, but I'm cutting out chocolate, candy, fruit, (yes, fruit), and all of those delicious things that are obvious.

So far, I haven't gotten the withdrawal headaches a la heroin. (Look it up. Caffeine is so addictive, withdrawals can resemble heroin withdrawals.) I have managed a steady intake of Advil to keep me functioning. (And don't point out the whole not-take-a-pill approach. Everyday life shouldn't have a pill, but caffeine withdrawal can. Besides, it's my body - and sanity - I make the rules.)

Now, if you'll stay out of my way, I will be able to conquer the caffeine craving without committing any bodily harm or murder. Until 8pm because that's when I fell asleep last nice. And then slept for 10 hours.

Have you ever tried to kick the nectar of the gods? How did you fare?


  1. I gave up soda for Lent a few times. First week was painful, then it got better. But caffeine altogether? You are much braver than I am!

  2. Out of curiosity - if you eat gluten free and are cutting out the sugars and caffeine - what are you eating? What is left to eat? I ask because I'd like my husband to try something like this (gluten free and less sugar), but I have to be able to present him with some alternatives. If you had some suggestions I could research based on those. Thanks!