Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So What Wednesdays


So what if....
  • I sneak a couple of cookies? The gluten side effects are only felt by me.
  • I'm not as gluten-free as I should be? I don't have Celiac, so I can have a little before I feel bad.
  • I watch the cute workers out my window? They can't see me and they're cute.
  • I planned my Thanksgiving outfit to include leggings and a big sweater so I can have "more room".
  • I am at work instead of hanging out with my family? At least I'm having Thanksgiving with them this year. (Last year, they said they weren't thinking about doing "anything" for Thanksgiving, so I ask for time at Christmas, well two weeks out, I'm told that EVERYONE is going to my aunt' Arizona for Thanksgiving. Even my family from Canada. Awesome. But thanks to Daisy, her and I had a perfect Thanksgiving for two. Not that I'm bitter. A year later.)
  • I'm bitter that my family left me last year because I happen to work at one of five places (outside of retail) that has to work on the Friday after Thanksgiving? I will probably bring in my laptop to watch movies since I can count the number of people in the office on two hands.
  • I like to just laze about after work? I have a lot of projects and sometimes I work on them after work, but in the cold weather and in cold & flu season, it's best not to push it, right?
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