Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Alone Time

Talking with the BFF Daisy yesterday, I realized why I haven't even thought about Colorado that much since I moved: I finally have alone time.

Back in Colorado, someone was always around. Sometimes it was just Harry, but that sweet face cuddling up on you can completely zap your motivation to clean/do laundry/move.

Here, I can get out, explore, meet people, and do what I want. Yesterday, I walked all around the neighborhood while talking to Daisy on the phone because I wanted to get out. It was perfect.

I get to have control of the TV.

I get to have the oven/stove/fridge space that I want for dinner.

I'm to blame for eating the last Peepster. (Blessing and a sadness.)

I don't have to worry about leaving hot water for the next person.

I can do laundry without interruption.

Basically, I missed being on my own and independent. Being an only child, I can handle it. It's something that keeps me walking a fine line between a hermit/crazy cat lady and a social butterfly. There are just some things in life that I want to do and experience alone. Some things, of course I want to share, but there's something about being with yourself that makes you just that more awesome.

I likened it to yoga for Daisy. I am getting active and a workout by walking all around. I get the meditation from being by myself. I have to do the deep breathing to get up the stairs at Dupont Circle Station. I haven't done yoga in awhile because, here, I get it in everyday activities. I can sit back and watch the world go by all while enjoying the quiet in my mind.

Alone time is simply wonderful and completely restorative.


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