Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lounging Weekend

After a stellar night of kickball (read:cocktails), I used Friday to recover and recharge the batteries. It was nice to do little things around the house that needed to get done, catch up on DVR, and paint my nails.

I was rallied by my new friends through Tri Delta alum brunch and happy hour.

Time out:
Wanna know how small the world is when you're in a sorority? I follow Lindsey's blog Lovin' My Life, which led to twitter follows and tweetbacks. I checked in for the Tri Delta happy hour and we discovered that we're sisters! Because our convo was on the feed, another follower named Ashley told us that she's a Tri Delta, too! We are everywhere.
Time in.

Back to Friday night rally efforts. I managed to last until about 12:30 before I called it a night. I was proud to have made it that long.

Time out for a confessional:
You know how I lasted so long? There was what I could only describe as an American Beefcake across the way at the bar that I couldn't help but stare up and down. I was caught several times, but whatever, he was so ridiculously good-looking I couldn't help it. I'm not necessarily into that "type", but he was like an Adonis. Seriously. Wow.
Time in.

Today was filled with more naps, movies, and finally taking all my boxes to the dumpster. I realized I couldn't keep making excuses. It needed to get done. I rewarded myself with a Slurpee and Ben & Jerry's, naturally. (Oh, and I totes did a workout because I felt guilty for have two straight days where I didn't walk at least a mile. Score one for me. Minus several thousand for the entire pint of ice cream for dinner.)

I think I would have gotten out today if it weren't for the blustery, rainy weather. We had a tornado watch. Seriously? We're several hundred miles from Tornado Alley, so what gives?

Tonight, I enjoyed getting caught up on blogs and ironing, and plan on getting up early to hit up the farmer's market before a brunch with some co-workers, then I have a date with Trader Joe's and Target. (I have to make dates because I have to schedule a Zipcar, which also makes me much more efficient at errand running because I'm on a time limit.)

I like that I'm back to being normal while the luster of living in DC is starting to wear, it's more that I appreciate it rather than stand in awe that I live here. Hence the whole staying in for a couple of days. Oy.

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  1. ummm did you get the boys number???? mutual friends???
    more details please!