Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Weekend

To my chagrin, all of the snow had melted that was worth making a snowman out of on Friday. That's how much the weather changes here! There is hardly a trace of snow from the massive piles that plows made in parking lots. I imagine it will be completely gone today.

This weekend, I got to enjoy a lovely dinner at The Oceanaire. I had a MASSIVE Hawaiian Tumbo Tuna steak with wasabi, soy and ginger. Delicious! I couldn't finish the whole thing!

On Saturday, I dressed up as Marilyn Monroe and went out on the town with my friends. There were some great costumes with a lot of creativity.

Lucky Charms and their Leprechaun

On Sunday, I relaxed and reveled in my extra hour with the time change. I was saddened with the Broncos' loss to the Ravens, but we're still in first place in the division, so I can't complain! I also got one of the cutest save the dates from A Colorado Cupcake. Chelsea and David are tying the knot in August next year in Beaver Creek, Colorado and I am so excited for a late summer mountain getaway!

Harry Potter, Rachel Zoe, and Marilyn Monroe
(a/k/a David, Chelsea, and Me)

It's now November and I am excited for the holiday season to kick into full gear!


  1. yaaay!!! I was wondering why I wasn't getting your blog feed and realized I must have lost you when I changed web addresses! Oops. Prob solved :)

  2. P.S. my bro is now following and blogging his own sassy blog!