Thursday, October 29, 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!!

Well, the first worthwhile storm for the "winter" has come to Denver. After more than 24 hours, it is still snowing!

Where I live, we got about 18" of the fluffy white stuff. And let me tell you I am feeling every inch after shoveling my driveway so that my tire tracks wouldn't turn into ice tracks. Then, I had to make some space for my dog Harry on the patio. I think that I will make a snowman for a workout tonight...or take Harry on a walk so that I high-step the entire time.

I love this weather and I love that the roads have been pretty well maintained. As with any storm, secondary and neighborhoods are not as nicely groomed as main thorough fairs, but my little Camry didn't have a problem getting me to work and home again. If there was a stronger wind and less visibility, I would have a tough time enjoying the weather until I was safe at home.

I am so excited for this to stick around, but it will make for a slushy Halloween with the weather predicted to be in the 50's on All Hallow's Eve....

Where do I go?

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