Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Truck Drivers - err...Drivers of Trucks

As of late, it seems that my commute into work is being pestered with trucks drivers...not the semi kind, but those of the Ford, Dodge, Chevy variety...and more specifically, the Ford F-150.

They are the ones that cut me off and then proceed to go 15 mph slower than what we were originally traveling in the lane. Or, they will slow down and speed up as I signal a lane change. (Note: I ALWAYS use my blinker. After getting pulled over when I was 16 for not using my blinker, I have been scared straight.)

This morning, I was driving in the far right lane (which is like the secret fast lane on this stretch of I-70) and an F-150 came over three lanes without signaling going much faster than the speed limit (so I know that he wasn't trying to be courteous to other drivers and get in the slow lane.) And proceeded to brake. THEN, as I signal to change lanes, he does the same, without signaling and again, brakes. Mind you, this whole time the closest car in front of him at this point is about 150 ft.

Ugh. I don't like rush hour for this reason. People need to realize that the road is the same as the day before and that your car can make the turns going faster than 45 mph.

Oh, and drivers of trucks, don't drive immediately in front of the Camry. I might ram you one of these days.

Ok. Road rage vent over. Looking forward to the drive home tonight. ;-)

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  1. The driver of the "F-150" was only atempting to gain your attention. He was distracted by the hot blonde in the Blue Camry!