Sunday, October 18, 2009

Little Things in Life

Finding the small things in your day that make you realize that you've got it pretty good really can make your frown turn upside down. (Corny, I know. But I've never said I wasn't just a little corny.)

Here are some of the many little things that make me happy. (And not necessarily in this order, it's just how my brain works.)

  1. The Indian summer of Colorado where, last weekend it was the first snow, this weekend it's 80 degrees.
  2. Candy corn. I don't like it any other time than the fall. (Stale, perhaps?) And after October, it's Indian corn.
  3. Dogs. My dog, Harry, is the cutest thing ever. It's like how parents never stop fawning over their children, that's the way I am about my furry child...he gives me unconditional love...even though he never gets scraps from me.
  4. Frosting. It's my weakness and is normally attached to something like cake which is attached to a special occasion which is attached to a party which is attached to time with family and friends. Frosting: It's the glue of fun.
  5. Family. They drive you nuts, but make you who you are. No matter what, they have to like you...well, your parents anyway.
  6. Friends. They are the family you chose and I love everyone of them. They pick me up when I am down and make me laugh to the point of oxygen deprivation.
  7. Contact. While I am sitting by myself on the couch and have had very little contact with the outside world today, I normally like to touch base with those important people in my life on a regular basis.
  8. Straws. They help me drink tons of water and they turn into a replacement to gum in a pinch.
Appreciation for what you have and not resting in the disappoint for the lack of your "wants" will make for a happier life and deeper satisfaction. Those little things in life make all the difference and are the most important.

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