Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Random Thoughts

  • Tanned bodies totally look like you've lost some weight...try this: don't see a friend for a couple of weeks, get your spray tan on (or bed, if you choose...I do a cocktail of both, sometimes.) then go see said friend. Even if you haven't lost any weight, they will probably mention that you look like you have or that you look "refreshed"....either way, it's a total confidence booster.

  • I L-O-V-E love love love Denver in the springtime. This weekend was Opening Day, which is like a holiday in Denver. People request the day off as soon as the schedules are announced, people will wake up early and be outside of the various bars with rooftops 5 hours before the first pitch. It's awesome.

  • Rooftops are the best place to be on a gorgeous day. There's people watching, TVs with games/golf on, booze, food, and friends that allow you to enjoy the sunshine and all things spring. Of all the places I have been rooftops seem to be exclusive to Denver...most other places just have massive patios...

  • Brunches are both amazing and deadly. You can try all sorts of delicious dishes in small servings, but the mass quantities and multiple plates counteract my hard work. OK, so it wasn't hard work when I get a crepe, french toast, cookie, omelet, creme brulee, mac & cheese, cheese, taco salad, etc. etc.

  • I love yoga. I need some detox twists. That is all.

  • LoveCulture is an amazing store that's like a Forever 21, but not as much sensory overload with the's well thought out floor plan and clothes are awesome...and the prices are amazing.

  • I have turned into my mother. I found a shoe that I like and bought it in multiple colors. Granted, they were patent leather heels, not flats, but either way, I used the same reasoning and sensibility that drained my Saturday afternoons as a child.

  • You should do your-not-quite-domesticated-self a favor and visit my Colorado Cupcake's newest blog and foray into her journey to become a domestic goddess with A Domestic Cupcake. If you've read her blog or seen her pics, you know that she has impeccable taste with couture, clothes, and decor, so getting a handle on creating a home should be fabulous!
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    1. woohoo! Thanks for the shout out!! walking PM style friday?