Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A "Good" Problem

Going to the gym before work has many benefits. It gets the workout out of the way, it jump starts my metabolism for the day, I get a boost of energy for the work day, and I feel a sense of accomplishment. What's not to like? Oh, well there's that whole getting up at 5:30 in the morning, driving to and from work in the dark (during the winter, anyway), potential shankings, etc. But whatever.

Here's the problem I had this morning, though. When I get ready at my house, I can accessorize, change things up, add a belt, etc. I do try to put together the whole outfit the night before since I pack my gym bag before bed. However, I forget things sometimes. Today, it was a belt. Normally, I would just sag my pants a little, pull my shirt down a little and carry on. This week is court week, though. That means that I am rocking a suit and heels, the whole shebang. When I realized I didn't have a belt, I thought that it would be fine since November's court week, this suit fit like a glove.

Apparently, my proportions are crazy different. I can pull the pants on and off without unzipping or unbuttoning. So, what's a girl to do with a suit that's too big, pants that fall off her hips with a stretch or deep breath? Binder clips. That's what. I have positioned binder clips at my sides with a gathering of fabric to keep my pants up and with my suit jacket, no one is the wiser. I'm so giving McGyver a run for his money. So you can improvise a hang glider. I can improvise a suit. And who looks better? Me. (That, and I don't have a mullet.)

It could have been a little embarrassing when waving hello to your boss' boss' boss' boss and have your pants fall down. (Totally almost happened. On a street corner. With my head honcho. Awesome.)


  1. And now you? Are my hero!! Is there any way I can give you some paper clips and chewing gum and have you make me an awesome new coffee table?! (Hmmm . . . the chewing gum might be sticky. I'll see if I have any sugar-free)

  2. Perhaps from toothpicks and a matchbook...