Thursday, January 28, 2010

Deep Thoughts

I'm on a roll with blogging, so here's another one.

I'm really glad there isn't a mic for my internal dialogue. First, I would be certifiable, people would need subtitles to understand my speak and train of thought. Or, maybe one of the headline stream things at the bottom of news networks. Anyway, here are some of my less scary thoughts of the day:

"Why does my nose run when I eat?"

"Whatever was in the microwave before my lunch smells better than my lunch sounds."

"Why am I facebooking and emailing at 6:00am? I should be up and going to the gym. I'm already dressed..."

"'Beef Chow Fun?' More like, 'Beef Chow I'm So Hungry I Would Gnaw My Arm Off For Sustenance.'"

"Why does everything smell like Lucky Charms?"

"Thank God my eggo isn't preggo."


"Thank God it's my Friday."

"I should probably wash my hair. Nah, I'll wait until after yoga."

"I hope I don't die in Danielle's yoga class. That? Would be embarrassing."

"Ugh." (x10)

"Oy." (x16)

"There REALLY needs to be a sarcasm font."

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