Monday, February 8, 2010

Migraine Miracle

I left work early because I ended up developing second a migraine. I don't get them often, but when I get one, I have a very prescribed routine to try to minimize pain, sound sensitivity, and nausea.

Here's my plan of attack:
  1. Take some ridiculous dose of ibuprofen. Like, bordering on idiocy.
  2. Drink some caffeine.
  3. Pop into a hot shower and stand there catatonic for a period of time. Then, if it's been 5 days since washing your hair, go ahead and kill two birds with one stone and wash your hair.
  4. Dry off and hydrate your skin since it's winter and you're not a barbarian.
  5. Take some ridiculous dose of acetaminophen since it metabolizes in your kidneys. The ibuprofen will kill the liver.
  6. Put on eye mask, a movie, and pass out.
  7. Take a ridiculously long nap.
  8. Wake up, eat something.
  9. Hide cell phone. Mysterious outbound phone calls and text messages have been known to materialize overnight. See #10.
  10. Take an ambien, go back to sleep until work the next morning.
Works every time.

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