Monday, February 22, 2010

I Have Found the Devil Incarnate

Her name is Kendra. She poses as a yogini at Core Power. She guides the Power Fusion class on Mondays.

Here's how I know she's the physical form of He Who Must Not Be Named:
  • She doesn't break a sweat in a room heated to 100 degrees.
  • She takes pleasure in pushing you further into your pose than you can get into on your own.
  • She has a calm, soothing voice that makes you think you aren't killing yourself.
  • She burns well over 500 of your hard earned calories (via chocolate, no less.)
  • She makes you want to eat a big breakfast before going because you slept in on your day off, but wanted to try the Power Fusion class and didn't want to go ravenous.
  • She made you drink milk. Milk was a bad idea when it's that hot. (OK, so that was part of my breakfast, but as you read above, I didn't want to be hungry.)
  • She makes you think.
  • She leaves you with a cool lemon-lavender wash cloth to end your session.
  • She gives you a quote that is still resonating with you: "Accept that you cannot accept that you are your own resistance."
So, that last part was legit. Yogini Devil may have pushed me to my limits (love/hate her for that) and my bad choice of a large meal before the class led to nausea and light-headedness, but she opened the class with that quote and ended with me heavily panting while realizing that I have to accept that I am my own resistance. The audacity of some people to make you work hard and make you think and have breakthroughs. Ugh. ;)

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