Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's NOT Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Alright, Mother Nature. I live a short distance from the foothills. Just a little further are some of your most majestic and gorgeous 14,000 foot mountains. Yet, here I sit, on December 12 (which I know is technically still fall for another nine days) without a trace of snow and no sight of it in the 10-day forecast.

I know that I have previously ranted about our relationship in posts like Snow Day, Schmo Day, I've been excited about 18" of the fluffy white stuff in October with Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow, and maybe over stepped my bounds with a very formal Memo, but really? It is December in Colorado and like my memo said regarding the tilt of the Earth's axis indicates seasons and converse to the timing of the previous memo in April, the fact that I drive to work before sunrise and drive home after sunset (keeping in mind that I work for the government, so it's not like I'm working ridiculous hours here), that would indicate that we are nearing the December Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere which means that we are entering winter.

I would really appreciate some more winter weather that includes some snow, some cooler temperatures, and some glistening fields of white. I am currently in need of some winter inspiration to get me into the holiday spirit since right now, Colorado looks dead and full of despair without the grass covered in white, pure snow. Not to mention all of these pushy shoppers really just test my patience. And the songs about Christmas just grind in the fact that some places are having a winter.

I realize that I can be demanding, but I'm really just looking for some semblance of normal for Colorado. I appreciate your attention to this matter and hope that the informal manner to which I have addressed this issue is met with better tidings than my forceable rant from April of 2009.

Thank you in advance for a White Christmas.

p.s. I have just been informed that it's snowing in Kentucky and Georgia. Not cool, Mother Nature. Not. Cool.

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  1. Ms. I'm NEVER Happy with Mother Nature,

    I've been busy answering the requests of those in the north central part of the US (MN, WI, IA, etc), once I gave those folks in the north east a little lesson on "careful what you wish for". You know I believe that you know people in areas that have snow, couldn't you visit and get a "fix", I am busy! Sure a little rain in the sourthern hemisphere is easy work and let's not even get started with my efforts with hurricanes. So either give me a break and wait your turn or visit your reletives and friends that have a white blanket covering thier lawns.

    Yours Truly
    The Weather Bitch