Friday, December 17, 2010

My New Loves...Merry Christmas to Me!

So, after I left Starbucks after witnessing the most awkward first date ever, I headed over to Nordstrom Rack. My intentions were somewhat pure in that I was going to look for something for my mom and maybe a cute top for Happy Whatevs.

Side note: Happy Whatevs is when my friends get together close to the holidays to celebration literally WHATEVER. It's like Christmahanukawanzaakah plus New Years plus anything anyone wants to celebrate. Since you know me by now, you'll also know that I'll post about it.

Anyway, I headed back to the shoe section just to browse. Well, I came across this little inconspicuous table that I noticed had some Uggs on it. Well, at closer inspection, I found that the prices were ridiculous!

Here are my steals:
Tory Burch Reva ballerina flats. Normally $195, my price $70

Ugg Classic Short boots. Normally $140, my price $50

I cannot believe the deals that were on that table! There were several designers and a limited selection of sizes, but with these deals, I'm not surprised. I just wish I wasn't sitting in the parking lot blogging about that date and in the store seeing what other steals were to be had.

I also found out that Nordstrom Rack now has inventory online. Also, if you sign up for alerts via Rack Insider, you get to shop BEFORE everyone else on deal days like the one I had today. This? Could be dangerous.


  1. Shut the front door...those are some of the best Nordstrom Rack finds I have EVER SEEN!!! I am half tempted to hit up my Rack later on this evening....

  2. dangerous indeed! But who doesn't need a little danger ;)